Friday, February 10, 2006

rules of the game

we are playing it so wrong!

i am trying hard in forbidding myself to miss her yet i still do.. and so does she and it sounded as if she wanted me to miss her!

we are caring too much for each other! it has ceased being a thing of physical gratification, her taking what she can from me and vice versa.

we are giving. no giving is not a player's game. this does not sound like baby gjps' games in the past. nothing like it at all.

i am so tormented.

she's not everything i will desire to have but yet oddly, everything i do not mind.

she's so unlike papa bp. so much more mature, so much better. looks aside, she can be pretty charming in her ways. especially when she laughs.

the song "till i hear it from you" by gin blossoms reminds me of her, like how "collide" would remind me of mv, "the reason" of my brother bittercoffee and "friends" by bon jon jovi of darth.

fuck it, i am going for my class then to jb to get my hair done. she likes my hair straight. oh my.


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