Tuesday, February 21, 2006

all good things must come to an end

the honeymoon period is over i guess.

it's time for me to busy with my studies and hall activities as she starts on her first day of work at her new workplace in 10 hours time.

i've never expected anything from her in return especially since ours was a no strings attached game.

though it may have taken a different course from its original direction from how she would actually miss me, tell me she misses me, wants to meet me, but it is after all, still a game.

i think i really fell for her.

my heart will take some time to get used to being by myself again, without her at outlet o, with less of her in my life.

i miss you small boy, wei wei.

love, your small girl.

p/s: miryclay's dead. at least for the next couple of days.


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