Friday, February 24, 2006

UnXpectedly Good Night

Fucking good day.

No regrets zao-ing my hall activity. Why should I when I am blardy enjoying myself?

1) Met her for 15 minutes just before she had to go back to work. Was already satisfying to see her.

2) Got down to some studying at Holland Village Breko with Sunshine.

3) Impromptu decision to go wala-ing since it was a Thursday night and UnXpected was playing! Called the gang of JW, Sara to join us. Sunshine and I bought our drinks before 9 so we had one for one for our Hoegaarden!!! Shiok!

4) Obviously, and very naturally, call the regular barflies who are UnXpected addicts, met up with Makan, Duckhawk and Ruok. And unexpectedly FF as well! It's been so long since I saw her and barflies being barflies, naturally can't seem to veer away from the topic of sex. So there we were discussing g-spots, orgasms, "rabbits", the NYP Tammy sex video and what not during the break after UnXpected's second set. Really, it was good catching up with all of you blogging folks.

5) She joined us after her work ended and I had a great time, head-banging, grooving to UnXpected with her by my side. Her first time in Wala and listening to UnXpected. Same goes for my buddies Sunshine, JW and Sara. And boy, UnXpected YOU ROCK!!! All of them enjoyed the sets the band played and agreed that they are FUCKING-TASTIC!

6) Of course, nothing beats making out in the toilet while being serenaded to the lyrics of "all I want is make love to you"... Hee. Chuckles.

7) Making a new friend at Wala, this server called Jason, who so cheekily stole our bottle of heineken to drink as the place was closing up. But he's a good sport.

8) Advancing to Newton Food Centre after dropping her back at her place (JW drove) and digging into our yummy cockles, sting ray, fried carrot cake and prawn noodles, courtesy of Sara!!! We love you man! And who did we see while we were there? The UnXpected again! Hur hur.

After JW sent Sara, Sunshine back home, we drove back to JW's place and cabbed back to our hall. Thereafter, we talk cock at my block, and smoking for an hour, recalling of our fun times back in secondary school. JW and I have a lot of things in common, especially since we are both long distance athletes and our similar family background. JW, you really a pal I hold close to my heart.

And now, tired me will end here.


Blogger FF said...

I am still waiting for the other parts of the videos!

7:57 PM  

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