Thursday, March 31, 2005

Alpha Female

Yay! Confetti to Finicky Feline for having found me! Haha! This is no sarcasm yeah!

Well, in any case, my fellow Malaysian here, has herself being swamped by sucky men, like I do. Her latest being some ungorgeous unhunky fella who makes her go "Ptooi"!

Babe, you are definitely not alone in this business.

I have my own streak of bad luck with the guys I take a fancy to.

King, for example. My current crush. He's a deejay at Gotham whom I've befriended. Unlike snobbish little FF, who wouldn't date a technician, and got a yellow post-it note stuck to her bus seat two inches away from her ass; I, being the very alpha female, picked King up at the club in a very similar way, but with a serviette instead. I've a folder of all the smses that transpired between us... and he melted me with one of his morning messages that went "Morning Sunshine..." and his goodnight message last night that said "Night Sweetie... :)". Alas, he is taken.

I am not a conniving scheming little bitch, I am Queen. Queen of the jungle. And a Queen is elegant and poised. He's but a mere common man. I will not lower my status to fight for his heart. He can grovel at my feet. Oops. I mean, he can fight for my heart instead.

On Martell, supervisor at Happy. He, my first love of this year, is blowing hot and cold. And very much unfathomable. Can be very sweet if he wants to. Beautiful gorgeous hunk with a very nicely chiselled, sculptured body, rock hard, from his muay thai training. Beautiful. Is worthy of my pursuit. Unfortunately, this undeserving grub has the audacity to wriggle his way out of the Queen's clutches! Men, screw him! Yeah literally!

*** Interruption ***

I love my sister more and more each day. She doesn't know this, but I am hell grateful to her and her support, blah blah blah. Girl, you don't see nor know this, but I love you loads tigress!

*** Resumes ***

Now, this two are but the few out of my bevy or palace of men. Well, at least the more worthy ones. My regal status as Queen attracts many Kings-wannabes. And damn loads of thrash. Flies buzzing around me. Like one guy whom I hitchhiked a ride with the Gothic Jap Porn Star from, is constantly messaging me. Ugh. Too many to rant it and ranting about them just spoils my appetite.

Let's move on to better things in life.

Am considering overseas universities. Have applied to NTU's engineering faculty, (which by the way, King is applying for!) and other courses. Am not very keen for the courses in the local university. But I don't wish to stress my father further financially since my sister is going uni around the same time as I do. Am touched that he even thought of morgaging our current house so as to finance my studies. And go for a course I will very much prefer.

Alright am meeting Jenkins for dinner. Will be back to write of my night out at Dbl O and Gotham and of the Alpha Female me! ;)

Happy 28th Birthday to Fat Fingers!

All of a sudden, there's this weird feeling of despair, no, melancholy, no, heavy-heartedness, whatever the word that I can't put a finger to.

In the dumps? Not exactly. This feeling is akin to that what
Cowboy Caleb was feeling a while back, this sense of ennui, that was discussed in the Cowboy Bar.

What shit, yet another incoherent post.

Oh my gosh!


I just realised that contestant number 1 in Miss Singapore Universe, Natasha Riard, is an ex-secondary school friend of mine whom I used to hang out with.

And yeah, back then, she was really fat. Still have got her photos then. Now. Fucking Hot. Sweats.

Yeah, she also killed off her old blog, bet it is to keep those uglier pictures under wraps. Oh and of her sordid sex life. Muahahaha!

And I am not jealous. Tis the truth.

Murdurous Intent

Great just received a phonecall from my younger brother's form teacher.

Damn. This brother of mine is fucking up his life. He is going to be taking his O Levels this year and he can't afford to screw it up.


Have tried both the soft and hard methods to guide him.

And it's not working. Help somebody! Need advice to deal with a rebellious teen like him!

I was so much more tamed than him in my younger days!!! UGH.

p/s: Heh, feels good to know I am authorized to sign his report card for him since our parents are away in Malaysia.

I want my MARTINI!!!

What a great night it was puking and all. I hope this is like gonna help me shed off 20 kg or something.

I am piling on so much weight, not from eating but from drinking. Bless me.

I downed like 8 or 9 vodka mixers at a shot cos i didnt feel anything. Oh just wait till it hits baby.

Fuck. It's one blardy miracle I could stand and walk.

Hellavu night.

Now I hope I aint suffering from post night clubbing syndrome or hangover or whatever shit you call it. Nope, I haven't drunk a cold beer nor a bloody mary nor down loads of h2o. All I did was to dive straight into the Gothic Jap Porn Star's bed.

Speaking of the Gothic Jap Porn Star, she's one lucky bitch.

Her Happy bartender Mr Bond is so sweeet. Yeah, replying her with something that went like this, "I miss ya so much but you just don't seem interested in me."

Can someone please knock the girl into the right frame of mind and wake her up from her playing-hard-to-get attitude?

If my Happy supervisor Martell were to say that to me, I'll hit the roof in ultimate estascy!

Dang, my red frisee and thousand island combination is not going well with my stomach. Can just feel it moving uncomfortably in my stomach, and I wager it'll hit the large intestines before I know it or just crap it all out, either ways top or bottom.

Now I'm really hungry. Should I cook noodles or what? Haha, maggi mee reminds me of Bubbles.

Incoherent. Damn. I need foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood......

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


The gogglebox is no doubt a box of sinful delights.

Been watching television non-stop since I got home around 9.30pm.

Yeah, "Tsk tsk" I hear you say.

Wow, I swear, the tv programs on channel 5 get better after 1am.

Anyway, will have to procrastinate completing the earlier post since I'm about to shut down physically.

Nights peeps. Ah well, morning will do too.


Watched CSI on channel 5 earlier on at 10.

And now watching CSI Miami on channel 5.


Back to being my couch potato self and embrace my very much loved tv. Yay!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

To be updated!

My posts in general are unlike the informative ones like mr brown's, mr miyagi's, Cowboy Caleb's, Adri's, nor humourous like Cheeky's and Bubblemunche's, or satirical like Calm One's. It is no where even near Finicky Feline's discussive musings. These blogs are among the many that I read each day and well the list can just go on....

In fact, most (how about make that all! of what I write is all about me, myself and my life!

Very boring and un-entertaining. To put it bluntly, my blog is as interesting as the Sarong Party Girl being virginal!

Off to meet the darling sister for dinner at Prata House at Thomson. She's paying for me. Chuckles.

Will be back with more.

Please tell me who "You" are.

I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You I miss You ...

Funny thing is I know I am missing someone...

But I don't know who, simply just can't put a name to this "You".


Am too tired from all that blogsurfing (two plus plus hours long!) to blog properly. Have effectively checked out more than 50 over blogs that I read regularly, or just about daily. Commented in as many as I could. And spent my next 28 minutes checking out Chelsea Scott on her fridae account. Licks. And some of those beautiful ones on her friends' list. I like FoxyRoxy. And shedevil_69. Drools. Dang. Now my Gothic Jap Porn Star has gotten me addicted to fridae and the horde of beautiful ladies. Yummy. To bed I shall head for. To dream of my Chelsea.

Monday, March 28, 2005


Though it is more of the lazy bug acting up.

Will get down to finishing all those drafted entries as soon as i wean off this procrastinating habit.

Love Adri's entry on running.

The glorious reminisciences of a runner's days.

Gee, have got to run... to do the washing. Oh boy.

I hate it when my mum goes overseas. This woman obsessed with cleanliness had me picking up her trait of such undesirable fuss over land pollution at home.

More when I'm back.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Getting Ready

I haven't have got much time.

Am meeting Marycherry and Gothic Jap Porn Star for a brazilian at Far East.

And heading to a fashion show at the Old Warehouse after that.


Shut the Fucking crap up!

I would wish for a fucking toilet scrub to stuff into her mouth.

I would wish for a fucking cup of bleach/rat poison to mute her.

I would wish for a fucking needle to stitch up her lips.

But that wouldn't do for BAD KARMA will befall on me.

Where the fuck is my IPOD?

Darn it!

I've got this nagging feeling at the back of my head that my Gothic Jap Porn Star is angry/frustrated/irritated/frustrated ____________ (filling in whatever that fits) with me.

Conversation aint as smooth as before. Well, at least my innate senses tell me so. Last night clubbing was a sign I suppose.

Sunshine did mention the day before how GJPS is kinda disappointed with me.

Please Lord no, don't take this friend away from me when it has barely started 4 months back!

It's unbelieveable that during this short time together, we've gotten so close to each other...

And you just can't imagine what we've done together, playing and having fun and going through crappy shit from our families/bosses respectively.


if there's something you're pissed at me about, just tell me. You know I can take it like a man. I'll learn to be better. And we'll move on from there. I aint perfect. And I can only do my best to change. Just talk to me. This can't go on. Really love ya.


Dj Spruyt is all MINE!!!


I'm deliriously happy!

Tonight This morning is a happy night day!

First, I saw my primary school friend
Angeline (whom I have not seen for damn ages) at Phuture.

Next I saw a crush of mine -



Hot. She's freaking hot! My second time seeing her at Zouk/Phuture, the thought of being near her, kissing her, licking her... Oh damn it! Can bloody just orgasm from her presence! Not like I know how it's like to orgasm! Haha!

Bumped into
Brian too with his group of attached girls! I'm constantly poking fun at his 'lack of girls'!

King messaged! Oh well, to put it accurately, he replied me!

So went down to Gotham... But oh bleagh. It's really a cold night there. Hardly anyone.
King did say there aint much crowd today.

My poor baby -
Spruyt aka King is illl... He's down with fever!!! :(

Can't do much for him. Didn't even see much of him cos he was resting on the couch in a corner.

But he called shortly after I got home!!! At 4.44am on 24th March!!!

Historical moment! In fact, my first close up conversation with him that lasted... uhm well a mere 16 seconds though it seemed like eternity to me!!!

Love his voice!

He actually called despite him feeling unwell... So let's just hope my good karma continues!!!

That's all I can update for now! More when I get up!

Have gotta hustle to bed! The mother is nagging!


Am so looking forward to my brazilian waxing later on!

Friday, March 18, 2005

A day of multiple posts part III: Left and Right

This is the the love story of Wanyi aka Yours Starrily.

But the main point was summarised by Milo Peng saying this:

a very moving entry! love really is soemthing that can never be forced! it just happens! there are some ppl u have a crush on for ages or who u ask out and try to win their heart,m using tons of effort, but the person never falls for u. then u finally meet someone one day and the two of u click so magically that it is almost effortless and seems so natural! life is really unpredictable and somewhat unfathomable!

The former situation sounded like Martell and I whilst the latter somehow points to King and I.

Maybe King has broken off with his girlfriend already. Perhaps perhaps perhaps.

A day of multiple posts part II: Deejay Gotham

As the close friends around me know, the thing with Martell, supervisor, working at Happy* has concluded. It was such a short, intense?, elusive, bewildering, heart-breaking 12-hour love affair that kept me incredibly hung on him for an entire month!

I will write more of him another day when the mood hits. ;p

Back to the topic. I have been visiting Gotham Penthouse at Clarke Quay, close to Attica and 1 Nite Stand with my Gothic Jap Porn Star for a month or so. Partly cos I love the music and their bootylicious female dancers, but the free drinks for ladies is the main draw.

Furthermore, there are perks from knowing the bouncers (Batman and Robin), the bartenders (Donkey, A Ok, Red Jacket Man, A Ok's friend whom I have no idea his name, and this other tall bartender whom an unknown girl sitting beside me that night told me that she think he likes me) and the boss himself (Joker).

Anyway, I went back again on Wednesday with GJPS after Phuture closed.

Donkey one of the bartenders there who had been eyeing my baby GJPS for weeks blatantly ignored us. But who cares. My baby girl was contented enough just having her hands kissed by her A Ok. Haha, lusting after a married man with 2 kids!

For me, I have been eyeing the deejay for 2 weeks? Finally couldn't resist it and dropped him a note - serviette, before we left, saying:

Good music.

Heart, Queen of The Jungle.

I approached him and passed the note swiftly, repeating my two words: Good music. He flashed his pearly whites and muttered a "Thank you". And there my heart just melted.

So the slut in me (say Magdeles and GJPS) has made her move.

22 hours late, an sms came from him.

3 hours later, my reply to him.

Another 6 hours later, his reply.

So on and forth.

Now i know his name King and his deejay name Spruyt (pronounced Sprite). But I need more information of my hunt!

Googled him and found only this.

Found him on friendster too. UGH. Farking attached. Somebody just clob me. No somebody clob Jolene.

I swear, my bad karma, has just begun.

* Happy is a gay club at Tanjong Pagar.

A day of multiple posts part I: Baby Bliss

I am finally wide awake after a very much extended beauty sleep!

Being the Amazonian Queen I am, busier days see me sleeping for a paltry 2 hours while on off-peak days, bedtime can be as long as an entire day!

Congratulations to Karen Cheng from Down Under for yet another charming bouncing baby boy on her lap!

It has been months since i came across her blog via Mr Brown and I remembered spending hours just trekking back on her archives (the blog commenced not long before she gave birth to her first born son Callum) just to catch snippets of the life of this lady of leisure and of her gorgeous son whom I was so wildly in love with. The moral-lacking me even stole pictures of her, her son and husband off her blog and posted them on my old blog. Tee hee. *Smacks myself*

It has been captivating, growing along with Callum during these months and now with an additional member of the Hutchisons, Sean, I'm ever more eager than before to lap up the entries this busy supermom can churn!

"I'm a Woman trapped in a Man's Body"

Laughters all round the coffee table at Starbucks Paragon!

Cheese buns.

That was so malu-ating. One could easily just die from the sheer shame of saying her gender wrongly.

It was supposed to be "I'm a Man trapped in a Woman's body"!

The very sleep deprived Queen (that's yours truly), in a moment of of haste, just had to have another classic moment recorded down in bold print by my Gothic Jap Porn Star on her diary.

One day, I'll get my amazonian fingers on that little book of hers to destroy all incriminating evidence of my embarrassing kodak scenes.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I'm Baaack!

In good style! Woo hoo! The old blogs have been thrashed. A pity cos I've started them in April 'O4! But as the chinese saying goes, "The old must go to make way for the new!"

Pretty busy for now.

Let's just see.

1) Finish painting one of the art pieces for my portfolio.
2) I've got to meet my Gothic Jap Porn Star at her newton workplace by 3 to help her with her art preparation.
3) Then hit Chinablack by 10.30pm hopefully if we can finish all that work. Proceed to Phuture after we have our fill of free house pours!
4) And get to Nan Chiau Primary in Sengkang by 8.30am on Thursday for a blardy Rat Race! Ugh.

There ain't even enough time for me to drop by Tang's for their lingerie sale!

No hangovers. I hope.

I'm rushing this so i can go meet my GJPS, Magdeles and Xiaxue! Woo Hoo! Blessed am I!