Tuesday, January 31, 2006

wanting more an expectation of sort?

just as everybody in outlet o mocks at me for being overly obsessive with michael, in which i amended that to be head over heels in lust with michael, but not like the way wellieton puts it "freaky stalker" since all i did was to track him down on friendster and steal a photo or two off his profile and putting it up as my wallpaper on my lappie; nobody or maybe well just that 3 close girlfriends of mine who know about my unhonourable intentions towards a someone in my life currently.

take what i can for the moment and savour what i can hold on to, than to regret what i could have but not cherish, an opportunity of life.

9 hours of basking in tender ministrations and siesta was not as restful as thought. both tired from drinks and work, surrendered to the blissful beckon of seeking solace from risky teasing that the pair might pleasure in.

one cannot help but ask for more. more of her time. however the pre-requisite of such an exchange of favours: no strings attached and definitely no expectations.

i must not fall for her. i must not. tis a game i can't and don't want to lose.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

happy 27th Birthday Michael! part 2

yes, michael came down again on friday to celebrate his birthday with a even bigger group of friends.
this time round, he remembers me as the one who gave him his birthday kiss.
and now the entire outlet knows i am nursing an ultra big CRUSH on him!
oh wells, you know pretty boys are meant to be admired like how pretty girls are supposed to be appreciated!
i served him his waterfall! hee.
but i am still as shy as ever, as timid as before, to make small talk with him. argh, what's wrong with me? bloody hell!
so many opportunities but all of which wasted!
after work, while waiting for transport, he was still around, and actually came over to talk to batman while i was walked off to the van, sash called me and told me to go back to the spot where they were! but i was too gutless! boy, i hate myself for being such a wuss!

miryclay miryclay, what has happened to the bold and fearless queen? no guts no glory... ahhhh!!!

i think this may prolly be the last or one of the last few times to see michael around... once i stop working regularly at outlet o, i doubt i'll ever get a chance to see him outside! damn it, i wanna move to bukit panjang!!!!!!!!!

my beautiful martell stays there along jelapang road, my hot michael stays bukit panjang, damn it i am so near yet so far from them all!!!

sidetracked, ooi thinks batman might like me a little. i mean, hey, everybody likes the queen alright? haha, but in this case, it's pretty evident that batman is exceptionally doting towards me! i feel a little awkward (mentally strange i guess) since she kissed me on wednesday when she was drunk. but hey, drunks can't be taken seriously right? i mustn't be too sensitive about it, especially not over the tiniest things like jio-ing me out for supper. :) no matter too big, i still love her most in outlet o!!! will hate it when she quits outlet o man.

tonight was tiring trying to superwonder woman. i was supposed to be working floor section but because win and jo-n both supposed to be at wall/platform section were busy; win washing glasses in the bar, jo-n relieving butler ys for break; i ended up running everywhere except small bar. it was like super haphazard, orders taken at service area 1, orders from indian lady at table 1 whose credit card was held on to by me, to cutting across to service area 2 via outlet t and taking orders, to wall 1 (table) to michael's 2 tables at wall 2 and 3, to the tables at platform... well JUST ABOUT EVERYWHERE! good griefs...

i think i should go sleep, if not i may just spend the whole night going through michael's list of friends on friendster. BAH.

now, here's an eye candy who used to represent the singapore national basketball team at the sea games in 2003... and now a pe teacher (damn my kinda guy!)

be very jealous..



damn i am so jealous of the girlfriend.

can somebody, anybody, wrap him as a gift for my valentine's day pressie??? slurps.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happy 27th Birthday Michael!

25th of January started out bad, with me waking up and finding myself being more ill than the past 2 days, which i think was a result of my biathlon training on tuesday evening. fever, sore throat, dry cough, flu, headache...

a visit to the doctor on campus left me with 2 days of medical leave given and 5 different types of medicines prescribed later, it was back in hall to sleep the day away, until 7ish which i was woken up to go for the hall's cny dinner. feeling better then, i went down to join the fivers for steamboat, unfortunately i couldn't stay on for the lao yu sheng part.

now that my make-up computing tutorial screwed, fe1071 lab session screwed, chingay dance practice screwed, havoc cny goodies delivery screwed, quinstical productions magazines distribution screwed, i am not about to screw up work (*chuckles*), especially not when michael's coming down to celebrate his birthday! yes i know i sound like i've got my priorities all wrong!

anyway, batman set the schedule for ooi and i to be working at wall and platform where michael reserved the seats at wall 3! whee! a whole night of looking at my pretty boy and serving him! so most people went and wished him birthday greetings yet i stubbornly stood by watching enviously, too shy and not daring to do the same. oh my, how my knees go weak in his presence, i actually blushed when wayne introduced me and two other servers, win and ooi.

interestingly, this party animal is a pe teacher! unbelievable! he must have been the fantasy of all female students!

by late 1ish to around 2, the poor birthday boy got smashed, puked and had to be sent home by his friends 10 minutes before the club closed. my heart ached for him seeing him in such a drunken state for the very first time in the past months i've seen him in the club.

batman herself, got drunk from drinking with michael and his friends as well! my gosh, so worrying! she also puked!

26th january was a night to remember because (in no sequence of importance since both matters equally):

1) batman - she told me that she dreamt of me one night. oh my. is that supposed to be good? by now, i've grown pretty used to her touching me (not indecently please) on my waist and shoulders and i'll even hug her from behind! but what really caught me off guard was when we were changing up in the locker room, just before she left (bearing in mind that she's really quite gone), she hugged me and kissed me on my right cheek (almost touching my ear!)! hell, what was that supposed to be?

2) michael - it's his birthday! we got introduced to each other officially! and due to meddling batman who's trying to help me... i... i... i... i....


i blushed and his face went red as well! damn, i won't want to be in his girlfriend's shoes worrying about the herds of girls flocking to him to offer their pretty little selves or the ever enthusiastic fans of his, worshipping him like... what i am doing.


but oh my! had i been really bold, i would have kissed him on his lips instead! after which i told win and ooi about it, they went to them, almost spilling the beans. ooi commented that i must not wash my lips now that they have been in contact with his face and his essence imprinted on them! WAHAHAHA!

did i mention he's coming down on friday again with another group of friends to celebrate his birthday???

i know i sound damn crazy over him but oh well it's just a crush and crushes usually fade away in weeks, if not months, unless the person is g lau, my still is big time crush since secondary 4!

was supposed to work on cny eve but... given that ooi and batman wouldn't be, and that batman has plans to go mos... i am tempted not to work as well... it's extra cash though and that's pretty good but bleah, that will means having a less fun cny without these two kins!

ms hobbit feet lim aka gjps, wanna go partay on saturday after your work ends?

i know i am on medication... and tis bad me drinking... but lychee martinis anybody at Happy tonight?

Monday, January 23, 2006

busy weekend

friday night - work.

saturday morning - overslept for leny's church wedding.

saturday afternoon - rush to meet havoc to recce haw par villa, then back to changi chalet for discussion and night recee of old changi hospital till 11pm. gave sumiko's birthday party a miss. boy is she furious with both my brother and i!

sunday afternoon - interhall track relays finals.
4x800m team first leg: nicole, second runner: seng, third: me, last leg: my brother!
14 halls competed. nicole was 6th or 7th in the first lap, but trailed to the 9th by the second lap.
seng took over the baton and fell behind by another 2 or 3 placings by the time he passed over to me.
i overtook 1 in my first lap, and 5 others in my second lap, bringing the team to a 6th position.
bro lagged by 2 runners and our final position, 8th!
a little disappointed but overall, delirious because big brother complimented and said he's super damn proud of me for the first time in 4 years and hugged me after the great run i did! woohoo!
competed against szelin and bernard (sunshine's cousin) from hall 9!

i am tired.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

An ordinary Wednesday night

Not exactly a night worth mentioning, but a certain "Michael" was around and that made my day. Hah, how easily contented.

hoegaarden, 2 vodka pineapple, 2 sex on the beach 2 shooters (all courtesy of the generous guests), of which the first 2 was shared with jo-n.

it was interesting, watching 2 rich chinese indonesian girls persistently going after our young little un's at outlet o after work. and 18 year-old-boys ain't anything at all like the experienced 28-year-old mr bond, heart-napper (kidnapper) and -breaker of my baby. years working around does wonders for the soaring boy-hood ain't it?

I would really like this man, especially since valentine's coming and it's been ages since i've received such pretty things from anyone. the last i remembered was blue roses darth stuck around the void deck of my block for me when we quarrelled erh, 4 years ago?

busy day ahead. let's take a look at what's planned, lecture at 1230, meeting vin at 1330 for chingay dance practice, african martial at 1745-1845, biathalon training at 1800, then hall road relay training at 2100.


what i am searching for exactly mil - i've got no idea, let's just walk and see how. make-out buddy vs boyfriend? companionship's the key.

alrighty folks, time to get some work done and wash up for class!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

pretty hungry!

just got back from work!

damn, i am hungry. and it's mamee for supper/breakfast!

today, was running everywhere from outlet t to outlet o, and definitely not working within my station. pretty enjoyable and it's pretty slack!

anyway, you guys know where i can get jubilee nacho cheese? it's one of my favourite things to eat at work!

it was regular jen's birthday and she bought me a jug of vodka pineapple! :D however, it was finished up by don't know who and i only had 2 mouths of it!!!

was helping alwi at small bar towards the end of the night, and though he's strict with bar operations (and absolutely no drinking on the job), it's pretty easy to work along side him. i'm like his little barback, washing the glasses for him, helping him to measure the liquor when closing bar, etc. we were playing with water and throwing ice down each other's back.

there were only that few of us on transport today, alwi, fads, az, alien and myself and thank goodness i am not the last to get off! alien was! phew! mv, alien and wend no more liao! you can have her back! tee hee.

today's event (vin's company) was serving tequila in a syringe and i dare say the japanese guests were so funnily cute and it was enjoyable, not as bad as i thought it may be initially.

my self-esteem just hit rock bottom, thanks to a week of constant ribbing, teasing and insulting from the peeps at outlet o. thanks guys. how wonderful you have made my days. :P

alright need to be up by 10. shall go sleep now!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

falling sick again

i think i shall pon biathalon training at sentosa tomorrow. ;)

i am tired. the weather has been really crappy these few days, i would rather live with the hot sunny days than cold rainy slushy weather.

just when i thought i am illness free, i start sneezing and my nose starts to leak again! bah! not flu again!?!?

just realised that one of sara's nie friend is the big brother of my cedar school mate/sajc classmate. talk about interconnectivity.

like how airhole knows michael! woo hoots! the power of friendster! :D

now, anybody has any contacts to get bottles of cheap but quality liquor, like similar to dfs prices? thinking of getting a bottle for my studying mate emos whose birthday is coming up!

been talking to wilsen, the ex marketing mate, the past two days and i must say, it's more comfortable talking to him than to emos.

and been so long since i really had a good chat with zenith! :) i still wish your 25% discount extends to liquor too! but you can be sure i'll be visiting you soon to purchase perfume, makeup and what nots from ya!!!

alrighty, gonna sleep and try to wake up early to exercise.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

words of an obnoxious high class wannabe pig!

love-joy says: (1:37:13 PM)
hahaha i only got to page 7 before my computer hung.

love-joy says: (1:37:21 PM)
to think you found it on page 9!

love-joy says: (1:38:28 PM)
it's on page 10 i think. i'm guessing it's the one who lives in lim chu kang!

love-joy says: (2:02:22 PM)
hmm.. he's above average but not one to get my heart racing i guess..

love-joy says: (2:02:29 PM)
*derisive snort*

love-joy says: (2:02:39 PM)
being of the elitists that i am.

my baby that obnoxious pig. hah! i will not stand to let mw get insulted just for staying at lim chu kang! guffaws! ahahahahhaha!

geez, i wake up and find many msn windows all opened. sigh it's 4pm and i am famished! my phone finally recovered. but i am not taking it's status of health for granted. baby, i am so busy lately, wednesday i'll be free to meet you to get the phone. will you be free? need to work?

marycherry, i'm sorry i keep missing you on msn and that the damned phone took so long to recover this time! i could possibly meet you on wednesday too if i can't meet gjps. or either that, it will be thursday after school cos friday is most likely out for me.


oh my gawd oh my gad oh my gosh!

i think i found my michael wong! number erh... 90 something amongst the list of 407 michael wongs!

fuck! "in a relationship"... damn words are such an eyesore!

bah! damn, now i can't call him my michael! shits. it's the michael now. blardy hell. okok, a new target please?

oh well, at least it's a second eyecandy to add to my stalk list! haha!

oh he's still a student at age 26??!?! ahhh, loves to play basketball... damn, the last time i played with the basketball team was back in cedar days, training with them and that was when i was like 13, 14 years old?!?! fuck, where got any thing in common? damn it!

hmmm, mw is the same age as mv...

sobs, i want my mw!

i am worth more than 10 fucking bucks!

nothing spectacular the entire day but small little happenings that warms my heart and fills my empty life.

woke up early and made the effort to attend my first tutorial! my phone is unrevivable and i got lost since i couldn't contact emos where the damned tutorial room is. took me a good half an hour before i finally found the darn forsaken class. much of my morning to afternoon was spent with emos, tutorial, lecture, lunch and lecture again before i left to meet jw. this silly jw left his laptop to use the loo for a short two minutes and he came back only to find his laptop missing! stolen to be precise. poor boy, he's already so broke. this is gonna add more damage to his pocket man! i printed out all my lecture notes and tutorials and embarked on trying to comprehend the mathematics lecture notes and thanks to jw, i got one concept cleared! i must score As! and make up for my first semester! having run out of cigs, the next best person to call was sara! i got one free pack from him! my best friend sia!

was supposed to go down to outlet c to get my old phone back from gjps but i was running short of time, so i gave it a miss.

last night had gotta be one of the bestest night at outlet o. worked at small bar with frankie, win and nette. all of us were laughing, joking and yet i say, service is at tip top! :) plus jare came down with his girlfriend cyn to celebrate her birthday. poor birthday girl got sloshed and puked. today i was the butt of the jokes when i tried to help my friend johan from this idiotic bastardy guy who wanted to shake her hand? come on man, we are there to work, serve but not sell ourselves! fukking asshat said he tipped johan 10 bucks before. hello, so what? i mean, its only 10 bloody bucks, not even enough to buy me a jug of beer! and that asshat, following the dirty looks i gave him, took out a 10 dollar bill and wave it in front of me. i was so peeved! hey, me teaching earns me more than that lah! wave a million dollar cheque in front of me and i may consider! so that was how i got laughed at by frankie the whole night.

frankie, though mean at me, has been pretty nice, making me ribena to drink even though it's not allowed but it's not like i ask for beer!

and this girl, who always gets her drinks from me whenever she comes down, maryanne, has become quite a nice friend to have fun with. she and her friend leanne, even jio me out! haha! she bought me 3 tequila shots, using her brother's money though, which i gave away to jo-n, aman while aman spilt the last one!

what a waste. in any case, me wanting to keep up with my standard of running has decided to cut down on alcohol, meanwhile, the intake of ciggies has shown a dramatic increase. boy oh boy.

tomorrow is training day! sigh, am feeling tired. shall go sleep and not brood over how i wish i have somebody to hug to sleep in the cold night.

i can't find my michael wong!

Monday, January 09, 2006


since reaching home at around 5ish 6 on sunday morning after work at outlet o, i have been sleeping and sleeping non-stop.

after about 40 over hours of staying up from school, training and work since friday afternoon to sunday morning, i was swamped by extreme exhaustion, to the point i nearly fell asleep while at outlet o. but thank god for jw, his girlfriend jazz, didi max and his girfriend nic, who came by to drink. i was perked up for a while then the sight of my favourtie boy michael got me invigorated! woots! so hot! now my bouncer darling who gives solid massages at work, wanted to beat him up for being number 1 in my heart! shits, but me busy talking to jw and company, didn't have a chance to serve him but my station partner ooi did! haha! this time, i saw his full name on the card!!!

michael wong, gjps! it's michael wong y s! quick go friendster him! there's about 407 michael wongs! and i don't have time to through them one by one!

the bestest moment was when he touched me! wah! i was dancing with batman then the crazy clique comprising of michael (mw) and his friends pulled batman into the group, and me too! i melted man! i would have loved to dance with mw but i was too shy to. ahh... but his touch was golden!

i still recall telling my bouncer darling that my body is off limits even if they try to pay to have access but just for mw, i'll fling myself at his feet! wahaha! i'm yours baby, all yours.

lastly, immensely grateful to jw for the ride home, he and girlfriend jazz stayed on to send me back! that's what friends are for! and it's been chill hanging out with jw, training in school, at sentosa, and also thank you sambuca lover for the treat of carlsberg green! yes and to my sunset boy jas, for the sips of san miguel draft and free use of kayak!

alright, enough nonsense, off for a quick bath and to the library to print my notes! i am motivated to go for classes! i am a good girl this semester!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

kakis unite

just got back home from work as usual.

i was assigned to outlet t today and it was super slack and time passed so slowly. so nd (bartender) and i took turns to go smoke and relak.

saw my cute regular michael and i swear, he was looking at me. oh boy, you're so hot you can look at me anytime you want man! wahahaha!

gjps thinks frankie ranks number 1 amongst the list of boys... but nah, michael is FIRST, az second then frankie and emos last!

emos and i have been trying to motivate each other to go for classes and all and now that jw is back in sg, he's gonna help me try to study and score As! yay!

i met up with jw in school earlier and he really put on some mass there, all the american hugeass sized burgers! i smoked quite a fair bit from just bumming with jw for 2 hours, then sara came and joined us before jw went for his lecture.

i rushed down for the interhall track relays heats but a quarter way through it, the races were suspended cos of the heavy rain. i ended up running with jw after his class.

i've got one hour to rest before i gotta wake up and go for my biathalon training at sentosaat 815am! so early! bah!

Friday, January 06, 2006

mundane school life

my first training session with the ntu biathalon team has proven just how lousy/weak i have become over the years from not training.
how terribly demoralising it is for that old cedar pride.
i wonder if i should continue training with them.
no, i am not a quitter. if i give up at this point, i will go back to my old ways.
bah, i need more encouragement.


on a cheerier note, i've adjusted my timetable (AGAIN!) such that my classes are the same as emos with the exception of our lab session cos he opted his to be on a thurday morning at so damn bloody early 830am whilst knowing that i suck at waking up early, i've chosen the afternoon time slot on the same day.

it's been great so far, that i've been doing my best to integrate into what is deemed the normal, sociable school life. i've not skipped a single lecture (and hoping to keep up with it) while emos the pig, has only gone for two lectures out of 4 in the past 3 days. tsk tsk, in fact, i've gone to school, met sara for a smoke at far away NIE, tried calling that pig whilst attempting to adjust the timetable at the library, failing which to contact him and jw, then went back to hall, and walked to his room to find him still sleeping! he's a worse case than i am!

now the challenge will be waking up early enough to go for my lecture at 830am!


hope to see jw in school tomorrow.

it's yet another day.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

of brotherly love

the real big brother. likes to have his own way. scolds me. nags at me. used to beat me up when i was younger. but he takes care of me too. makes sure i eat. makes sure i take medicine. help me in hall.

the next true almost blood brother. zhen. the only brother who will say "i love you" to me, hug me when i am sad, comfort me when i am feeling shitty. run together and now gonna train together for biathalon.

one close brother. bittercoffee. brotherly. but got girlfriend. that gets in the way of brotherly bonding.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

hei hei


i just went downstairs to the first floor to feed this black cat that always follow me around, once even to my door step to beg for food. that little beggar. and i'm such a softie when it comes to these miserable bag of bones and skin!

so off i went, and gave it my remaining scraps of bak chor mee.

this cat ar, loves to swish its long graceful tail into my face and hair and looks up at me with such big doeful eyes...

and it reminds me of the ex, darth's black cat with white chest hair called hei hei!

sometimes, memories like these, really make me miss him, porkchop, a lot.

am training for safra biathalon this coming march... must buck up! people wish me all the best! i may join ntu biathalon team to train with! yay! :D it's great to have a big brother in school. i'll miss him when he officially goes off for industrial attachment, no one to look after/over me in hall or buy food for me. fuck.

Speed Dating

This could just be the salvation answer to my singlehood.

-----Original Message-----
From: Rusli (Assoc Prof) on behalf of Sub Dean-Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Students)
Sent: Tue 1/3/2006 8:53 AM
To: Engineering 1st Year; EEE 2nd Year; EEE 3rd Year; EEE 4th Year
Subject: EEE Week '06 - Speed Dating

To all Students of EEE and 1st Year Common Engineering Students!

Guys and Gals look out! Wanna widen your social circle? Interested in making more friends? Here's your chance!

Join Speed Dating now and you can get to know more friends! Also, you can enjoy $25 Fish n Co Set dinner at only $10 now! And attractive prizes to be won!!!

So stop hesitating and register now!!!


Always at your service,

EEE Club


first day of school so far has been alright, with me attending lecture with annabelle and emos. emos and i are both motivating each other this semester to work harder, and good lord, pray that it will work.

during the second lecture, i connected to the net and started msning in the midst of lecture while emos is slowly falling asleep. he's such a pig. like me. so i showed him photos of my baby, my pretty girlfriends and all, and the funniest part is about him telling me he's gonna look for the one! the one girlfriend! so i asked, "why not annabelle, you guys are close enough, compatible in looks and height and she's basically quite nice?" he shook his head. "annabelle not single?" too bimbotic for him. wahahaha! i am the one for him!!! muahahahaha! ok, that's lame. anyways, i can't overload my subjects since i've been placed on ap/aw grrr and to think i changed all my timings for tutorials and labs just to suit the other two subjects! fuck! now it's too late to change to have the same tutorials/lab with emos, my study partner (hopefully).

went off after class to look for sara and help him search for hostel lodging. and jw will be back from america later in the afternoon, all my smoking kakis! whistles! oh, and i won a casio baby-g watch for participating in juice online contest! whee! took sara to my hostel and this fool sia, he finished my tiger beer and my carlsberg when i went off for track training! idiot!

had a bad migraine when i came back from track, wondering if it was the sun, the cap, the running, or any of the above combination. popped 2 panadols, drifted off to sleep smelly and dirty before my brother bought dinner back for me, made me bathe and settle down to eat. i hate being sick.

i am inexpensive to maintain

a brand new start to school! i better pack up for classes!



i miss having someone to say "i miss you" to.

what a record. i come back to hall and see many msn windows open... bittercoffee, astrealblush, emos, ber, gjps, and my havoc chairman!

gjps, what do you mean by plum jobs? sorry i was away in town when you msned at 7 plus..

i don't know why, but mv considers our exchange of words a quarrel... which brings me to... hmmm... but i didn't quarrel. would you deem stating our respective points of view a quarrel?

quarrel 1 |ˈkwôrəl; ˈkwä-|
an angry argument or disagreement, typically between people who are usually on good terms : he made the mistake of picking a quarrel with John. • [usu. with negative ] a reason for disagreement with a person, group, or principle : we have no quarrel with the people of the country, only with the dictator.

argument |ˈärgyəmənt|
1 an exchange of diverging or opposite views, typically a heated or angry one : I've had an argument with my father | heated arguments over public spending | there was some argument about the decision.
2 a reason or set of reasons given with the aim of persuading others that an action or idea is right or wrong : there is a strong argument for submitting a formal appeal | [with clause ] he rejected the argument that keeping the facility would be costly.

well, he was getting frustrated while i was just getting, amused. perhaps it was the funny singing i hear in the background from my hall somewhere! but we were no where near being heated or angry...

and he thought i was insulting his girls. i mean i call people fools occasionally and for me, it was definitely not a personal attack on their intellect (or lack of) but the situations in which they land themselves in. like even i would say that of gjps, of sunshine. touche.

put it this way, i started out from outlet c, and no matter what, it is still one big family even though i've committed my time to another outlet. ultimately, i am under ehg's paycheck. and bear in mind, that mv, my initial point to you, was training your girls up so that they can be more alcohol-trained! that was it! oh well, silly old hamster!

yesterday was a fairly good day, spent about 18 over bucks at ikea buying a new lamp and a set of 3 wooden picture frames. next stop was town and i bought myself a nike sports bra for erm an indulging 50 over bucks. bah. sigh. this is how a brand conscious and quality enthusiastic me fritters my money away. did i mention my boobs really grew? i mean i used to be comfortable m, now i am an uncomfortable m, and almost a comfortable l size. bloody hell, in fact, my 25 levis jeans is proving to be a little tight at the ass. oops.

wow, i spent about 11 odd at crystal jade while having lunch with emos, the cute ex lab partner and neighbouring hall mate, 4 bucks on new zealand ice cream with sunshine, 1.70 at old chang kee, 1.30 for our drinks, and about 25 plus bucks stocking up on milk, yogurt, pau, chee cheong fun, mamee, cup noodles, bread, cheese and oh a can of carlsberg for the week to come. that makes a grand total of 111++ dollars spent in a single day! argh!!! oh my gosh.

i still owe sunshine 30 bucks for her job, 30ish to ah zhen for astrealblush's birthday present and kannasai! i am broke again!

nooo... it's time to claim more allowance from daddy dearest! :P

Monday, January 02, 2006

So full

Just had lunch with emos at Crystal Jade at Jurong Point. We had beef la mian and shared a tray of xiao long bao. It's good cos I feel very comfortable with him and hey, it's not every day a guy asked me out for lunch! Haha, but quite sad our tutorial and lab sessions are all different! Bah but it's a good start. Joy my secondary school mate, his hall mate asked if I want to move over to share a room with her. Frankly, I won't mind but I'm worried I won't have enough points cos they will be slashed by half if I change hall. Horrids. This is a brand new year and I am determined to make the best out of it. Yes I will pull up my socks and put in more effort to study! And JW will be back soon! So hooray! People leave, people move on but friends stay! Have a great new year ahead folks!

there can never be a lack of cute guys!

i need to get out and shop, shop, shop!

going out of school for lunch with emos, hopefully if he doesn't play me out!

oh, yes! some company in 2 days!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

sick and alone in hall again


last night was a riot. my nose was rioting! it was new year's eve for goodness sake and i never even had a drop of alcohol! argh! it was a good day of business for both outlets at robertson walk as we hit the target! there's gonna be some celebration dinner for us coming up!

back to new year's eve at outlet o, i pretty much scared customers off sneezing and blowing my nose away! the runny nose didn't start out that bad but the smoky environment kinda worsened it. i looked so ugly and felt awfully miserable. :(

damn it.

instead of ending work at 4am, i ended work at 2am cos the head was pounding, the nose was leaking, the throat hurting and just awful. but i didn't want to waste money cabbing back to hall so i spent like a good 3 hours waiting for transport, half dozing off, watching colleagues drink while i dozed off with ooi.

i would like to think that i'm not alone out there. but sometimes, i really feel so.

i could pass you on the street without saying a word.
most times, i miss the voice that comes unheard.