Tuesday, August 30, 2005


hall sucks.



birthday planning sucks.

damn cig burnt out.

stupid bunch of people going around to garner more votes.

waste time.

alright. shall go study.

stupid elf* scolded me for being lazy. like he isn't.

*elf is this guy in my lab session. cute. smoker and slacker like i am. oh bad. i need someone to motivate me.

Keep me smiling

The Boy laughed at me and called me names.

"Silly gurl."

I am not!!!

"Silly is as silly does."

Oh just shush.

"Will you be free next week boy?"

Monday, August 29, 2005

Re: Aplenty

Damn, I had thought if I reached Coastes late, I wouldn't have to see The Boy but turns out otherwise.

I really miss him. I can't deny that. Yet the only one thing I can do, is to block him out of my mind.

Zanny cruised past and shot a question at me, "How was Bangkok? Any development with him?"

Gosh, my dear, you are so blunt. "Nope."

His loss, not mine.

"Nice. From him?", JFK asked.

I wish.

"Thank you. But it's not from him. Bought it myself and got something similar for him, as a small gift for the first date out."

Unfortunately, the movie date never ever materialized. And he never did ask again.

And the bracelet meant for him?

Still lying in my box of treasures. Wondering if it will one day find it's way to the wrist of The Boy.

Oh well, enough of my lamentations.

Have been considering for a good period of time to quit, following my "Out of sight, out of mind" mantra.

Like it was for Bittercoffee, I know that the only way I can get over a person and be able to regain seeing him/her as just a normal friend is to break all contact till my heart is ready.

At the rate he throws me off track with his whims and upsetting my emotional balance, causing my jaded heart to leap right into the sea of misery, it is definitely better that I avoid him at all cost. So since Thursday, or was it Friday, I made sure I spoke no words to him, even during work.

Throwing myself headlong into this was a bad bad move right from the beginning. I told myself to constantly be professional. To separate work from social. Love from work. And this I've failed.

Sambuca Lover doesn't want me to quit but how can I go on working there and pretending all is fine and dandy with me when each time I see him unnerves me.


Good griefs, can't tolerate myself being so wishy-washy about such things. Moving on is not that difficult. Maybe all I need is to start dating. That should make things much bearable right?

Problem is I haven't got any men in the queue!!! Can I make that my birthday wish?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Are you alright?

I don't know what's wrong with The Boy.

Fuck. Hate it. Hate it.

He can go on pms-ing. I am going to sleep. And not go think about him.

Unless he is so damn busy online to not even reply.

I really hate it when people blow hot cold.


Anyway, told Sambuca Lover (my floor supervisor) about my thoughts to quit Coastes for good. Need a new environment. And more time to myself to study. I should have known better than to be emotional over a guy at work. Damn myself for my feelings.

Jade and O Bar is awaiting me. I hope.

Drinking in School


Just got back to my hall room from my drinking session with Joel and her two friends in Canteen B.

I provided the liquor while they got the mixers.

Hmm, apple juice with absolut raspberri tastes pretty good.

I was still wondering how long it would take me before I open my bottle of absolut and turns out... just TWO days!

It's like 3/4 left.

Won't take me long to finish it.

I shall be thick skinned here and just let you guys know what I would want for my birthday which is coming up in 2 weeks time...

1) Cash - Loads of it, so the more you can spare, the better!

2) Alcohol - You can get me bottles of absolut, that I definitely won't mind. It's always good to stock up on booze here in hall. Throw in a jigger, a shaker, a bar blade, a bottle opener if you intend to get me this.

3) Cigarettes - Cartier, Marlboro, Viceroy. Anything else no no. Menthol Lights please. A new nice looking ash tray I won't mind. My old one is really dirty.

4) Clothes - I can always do with more. Levis Square Cut jeans. Waist 25. White bohemian long flare skirt. Adidas Jackets. White fisherman pants. Bikinis. Nike/Adidas/Puma sports wear. Abercrombie/Hollister and especially Victoria Secrets. Hee.

5) Accessories - A new bag. Big ones. Small ones can't carry much stuff you know. Crumpler is very nice. Or the Gap Bags. I can live with more shoes/slippers. Birkenstocks/Adidas sneakers/Nine West heels/Boots will provide my feet with immense comfort since my old ones are wearing out. Perfumes (Please check with me what I already have before you decide to get me any). Make up. Nah. Not for the moment. Hardly doll up since being stuck in school.

6) IT products - I've got an ibook already. My ipod is a year old (Since Apple replace my older one) and I won't mind a newer edition of ipod. I can do with a pda too. While you are considering, you can get me a new mobile. My 7610 is dying on me. Nokia preferably. 1.3 megapixel etc etc. Wait, a new digi cam sounds really enticing.'

7) Lastly and most importantly, a new love. Well, a rich boyfriend/girlfriend appeals to my materialistic nature. Best if it comes along with fabulous looks and style. Of course, if anyone can get The Boy for me, I won't mind. Heh. Erm, must not demand for sex since I have zero libido but won't mind the occasional making out and must be good at kissing. A personal slave will do me good.

8) $$$ - More is good. Oops. I think that's a repeat.

But well you guys get the gist. My list can go on forever.

You have got 12 days to save up.

MSN nicknames

Hmm, I like Ergo's one tonight.

It goes "Don't waste your time on a man/woman, who isn't willing to waste their time on you".

Hmm, has The Boy been willing to waste his time on me? Well, doesn't seem like the case.

Oh fuck.

P/s: Was locked in again. Nearly pissed in my shorts. Damn damn.

Marycherry, chill chill ya?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My highly disgusting Bangkok Trip

Had cup noodles for brunch and dinner, except that brunch was tom yam flavour and taken together with sprite while dinner was chicken flavour and had milo instead. Since I am taking a post-dinner break, I might as well spend the time writing of my trip to Bangkok and steal a puff while the roomie's away washing her clothes.

Saturday was Coastes' 1st Anniversary Luau Beach Party. Worked till 1 ish. And by the time I was back in dorm, it was already 2ish. What sleep can I get when I have to be at the airport by 6.30am and having to wash my clothes before I leave for Bangkok and in addition submit my online tutorial?

J was also leaving for America for his overseas exchange programme on Sunday. He'll be gone for 4 months. That ass hole. I am already beginning to miss my usual banter with that fella. I mean, he's but one of my few closer friends in NTU (thanks to work and our take 5 sessions in school). I missed his car most. Hur hur. Anyway, bade him farewell since his flight was also at Terminal 1. Come back soon pal.

Cabbed down to the airport with Foong who so overslept! We've become closer friends since going out with him and J and girlfriend to sing karaoke (they like I don't), to JB and suppering together. Don't be mistaken folks. He's just another friend.

Joined the rest of the peeps at the airport. And nearly couldn't pass through the Immigration. I completely forgot that I had to get my Re-entry permit stamped on my new International Passport and the Immigration Officer was so cheesed with me. Scolded me and told me that he won't allow me through the next time. And had the system been done, there would have been no way for him to check up my records and allow me through. Hey I'm sorry for my slip but, Singapore is just far too efficient to allow that to happen.

Shared a box of cigarettes with JFK at duty free, rushed to board our flight. Valuair's not too bad with their generous meal box of sandwiches, cake, mineral water and a choice of coffee/tea. Service was alright plus there was decent leg room to manuever around. The pilot must have been an excellent one cos we arrived in Bangkok earlier than our stipulated time.

How suay can I get when I sensed that my period came like barely 5 minutes after we touched down? Thank god I was prepared and brought along a few tampons! Still... sian. Having the period while on vacation sucks cos I had cramps in the afternoon and while the rest went of to Chatuchak Market to shop, I had to lie in bed with a hot bottle (filled with the Gothic Jap Porn Star's bubble bath water) and Sambuca Lover and Leo had to go off in search of Ponstan (the equivalent of Panadol Menstrual in Thailand) for me.

Dinner with the entire Emerald Hill group (obviously including the rest of the outlets) but food was alright only. Passable, not even a good. Bleagh.

Then clubbing at Slim. Eeks, was made to stay and dance to shitty music in the section of the club allocated to us while excellent RnB was playing in the main hall of the club. Crappy but no choice. Had about just 8 drinks cos JFK was telling me not to drink so much since I took medicine for my cramps. And thankfully I didn't cos it would have been dead embarrassing to get drunk.

My Didi drank too much and puked. Went into the guys' cubicle together with him to help him. Fell all over. Silly boy. A little embarrassed standing there with a few guys back to me peeing. Hur hur. Sent him back with the Gothic Jap Porn Star slightly high and The Boy being red-faced. Bumped into Famous Gross and Binny Bin after leaving The Boy's room (checking on him that's all, what can we be doing when I'm standing outside the room!) who even brought the Thai girls (sexuality seriously undefined) back from the club. I just panicked! So worried I mentioned to the guys to use condoms which The Famous Gross' reply to me was Ï will go buy later."Eugh. Never even come prepared. Told baby aka GKPS and as soon as we made sure that my Didi hydrated himself (even got scolded by him for forcing him to drink), we walked down quickly to 7-11 to get chocs and a pack of condoms for them.

Got back to hotel, finished up bar of snickers, brushed my teeth and prepared to sleep. But shortly after that, got woken up by Foong and Kimmy who stay in the room opposite ours. Thought could finally get back to sleep, when Sambuca Lover, Leo and Joey came over. Sambuca Lover had bought supper for GJPS. Long story about the two of them. But got off the phone with Sambuca Lover. Went back to sleep, then got woken up rudely by Joey who found his way into my bed. Damn it, can't a tired person just rest? Then his turn to get started on being emo. Till I nearly fell asleep. Can't remember how but GJPS suddenly became emo/acting weird. Called Sambuca Lover over and left them alone which left me with no choice but to sleep in Sambuca Lover's room which he was sharing with Joey. We shared the same bed, hugged him to sleep and that was it. We are damn innocent. I mean he's gay and hello? Gay men have no reaction to women. And Sambuca Lover thinks something happened between us. Crazy nut. I would have wanted The Boy in my bed... but that was highly unlikely to happen. Next.

Went out for breakfast with Joey, Leo, GJPS and Foong since we overslept and missed the Hotel's buffet one. Somehow got ourselves a personal TutTut driver who stuck around the entire day. Didnt' buy anything except a ring that costs me 1600 thai baht which is approimately 66 sing dollars at a jewellery shop the driver brought us to and 2 note pads at MBK shopping mall.

Dinner with Coastes group near patpong. Bought sunglasses. Had wanted to buy skirts and get a tattoo, but none of which fell through. So much for my shopping. I spent my money mostly on food and necessities.

The group of 5 guys went off on their own for massage and extra services. Damn it. It bothered me a lot. I mean, as common as it is, I just don't fancy people doing such things. Don't let me know you if ever paid for sex. I rather not know about it. I can't help but look at them in a different way now. Why? I don't wanna judge them but eugh. Distasteful. Are there no more decent men left other than my two brothers Zhen and Bittercoffee?

So while the group of 5 guys went in search of these sex slaves, the remaining peeps went on to watch the tiger show. My god, I was expecting something of a classier act of strip tease. Not so rude. I felt highly disgusted and uncomfortable that barely 2 minutes from entering the place, I left together with GJPS. I mean how proud can I get to see fellow women selling their bodies like that? Respect your bodies lah. Gross sums it all. Sick sick sick! No way am I ever stepping into any place like that. I am brought up with respect and integrity for the women's body. I just can't stand seeing how women are devaluing their bodies like that for money. It's not exactly nice seeing them jiggle their tits and fondling themselves. Freaking offensive.

Went back to hotel, packed up my stuff and studied. Foong called for room service and we had fried rice in his room. Meanwhile, drinking the vodka raspberri that Sambuca Lover bought for GJPS and smoking so as not to fall asleep since I had to leave for the airport by 5.

The rest is history. But Airasia really sucks. Not as spacious as Valuair, no food provided and fucked up air steward. Plus the flight was a bumpy one. Turbulence. Damn, and the air steward the chickeny arse didn't allow me to pee though we were a good 15 minutes to landing! My bladder was bursting!!!

Reached back Singapore and bought 2 perfumes (Ralph Lauren again! and Clinique Happy for Men, the one that I was so obsessed with) and a bottle of absolut raspberri and made my way to school. Went straight for lab lesson all sleepy and then marketing tutorial. Befriended a new smoking kaki at lab who stays in Hall 1, near my Hall. Great. He has his fridge stocked up with beer. Shiok. He quite cute leh. Haha. We were smoking just outside the laboratory as our group mates started on the experiments. Fucking Ah Tiong tutor sucks!

Had dinner with my 2 marketing group mates and went back to Hall. Crashed shortly after. That rounded up my past few days nicely.

People whom I wanna thank on the Bangkok trip...
1) Sambuca Lover for helping me with getting pain killers, and flight details from the front desk.
2) My roomie who helped me ransack my hoard of notes just to retrieve my flight booking number which I had needed to check in at the airport.
3) Leo for keeping a look out and taking such good care of me and GJPS. Even more gentlemanly than the guys.
4) JFK who was concerned for my state of well being since I had cramps.
5) Joey who hugged me to sleep and hear me whine about The Boy while he went on about missing his.

Sometimes, I don't know if I want The Boy around me. It causes me to be more disorientated than not. Like on the Bangkok trip, as GJPS was avoiding Sambuca Lover, so was I with The Boy. I am so unsure. Are we distant or are we close? My only souvenier from him: A milo bottle which is on my shelf above my study table.

A shot in my own ass

Damn it.

Just looked through my international passport (I'm not local) and discovered...

I've been given a stamp by the Customs that reads...

"IMMIGRATION SINGAPORE VISIT PASS, Subject to Reg. 12 (7) Immigration Regulations, 23 AUG 2005, permitted to enter and remain in Singaore for fourteen days for social visit only from date shown above"

What the fuck!!!

I'm a permanent resident here in Singapore!!! I stay here! I am born here! I grew up here! And I study here!!! Ptoot!

Blame myself for stupidly filling up the Arrival Card and not having my re-entry permit transferred from my restricted passport to my International passport. Even got scolded by the Immigration Officer when I was departing from Singapore to Bangkok. How careless can I get?

Now, I would need to go down to Lavender and get it sorted out. Or in another 14 days times, I would have been considered having broken Reg. 12 (7) Immigration Regulations. No shit about this man.

A Lazy Afternoon

Spent catching up on my sleep (overslept on all my lectures), reading a thrashy book that dear Marycherry loaned me, eating my cup noodles cos I was too lazy (and too broke) to go have a decent meal at the hall canteen, drinking my can of unchilled sprite and smoking a stick in my room.

It's time to hit the sack again books. At least try to read through some stuff before I come back with a proper entry of my past 4 days spent in a whirlwind.

There's so much I want to tell you dear.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Alone in Bangkok

As I was finishing my last line on my note to Boy. Sambuca Lover came. Said my farewell to Joey, Leo, Kel, Ant and my Didi. Gothic Jap Porn Star whom I was sharing room with was deep in slumber. From the moment I got on the taxi till I checked in to now sitting by the Airport Terrace having a cup of hot coffee and smoking, the loneliness stinks. That night sleeping beside Joey, having someone to hug to sleep for the first time in a really long while just feels so good. Damn it. I'm having difficulty staying awake... More on my pathetic trip when I'm back in Singapore.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Worried sick

I mummy take care of all my little boys and girls when they drunk and gone or having sex with unknown species. From tipping the toilet attendant, entering the male toilet at the club to sayang my didi to sending him back, and making him drink water and getting scolded in the process, to buying condoms for 2 drunken friends and taking care of Gothic Jap Porn Star and Sambuca Lover and finally sleeping with Joey. I mummy need to sleep.

Saturday, August 20, 2005












The Stepford Wives

Oh my gosh.

I should be doing my work/revision before I fly off to Bangkok. BUT...

I am watching movies, eating, smoking and reading. And being alone in the room is pretty scary.


Thanks to my good other half Marycherry who gave me back my life.

Love from Yours Truly,
The Queen

Friday, August 19, 2005


On the train back to hall. Went to send Ali Baba off at the airport. This smart woman is on her way to Berkeleys in States for a term of overseas study exchange. I'm so grateful Marycherry's there to accompany me cos I would have felt so left out from the group of church mates whom I no longer keep in touch with. Had a very simple but gratifying day out with my dear Marycherry, from the bitching to the chiropractic session by Dr B at the clinic to the short getaway at Dr B's place eating popcorn and watching Jennifer Aniston to having dinner with her family and watching Deuce Bigalow Male Gigalow. I felt so pampered. Would definitely love to have more time out spent like that with Marycherry. Love you dear and thanks for the books and laptop. Thanks to Dr B for the Dvds too! I'm :) very :)

Wake up early

I'm forcing myself to go sleep early to wake up early later at 7 am. But I'm just too used to my nocturnal lifestyle to be able to fall asleep at such hours. I re-read The Boy's friendster message to me (the one and only from him). Sigh. I only need to think of Went and the defeatist spirit in me starts. I can't fight nor win the ghost of memories or her. It's a losing battle which I might as well just give up. Sleep. Don't think.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Another lonesome trip to Prime

I've finished my stock of Pringles and Mamee and bread. Grr. I want my fridge! Can't wait anymore. Am gonna go buy it asap! So tired of having no ice when I want cold drinks. No where to keep my favourite yogurt and fruits. In short, No food! This can't do! I'm a pig! And who has watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Me not yet! Who doesn't mind catching the show with me?

Forgetful's my middle name

Bumped into my jc classmate in school today while at canteen B. The awful part is he remembered my name and... I couldn't! All I could recall was his surname Dragon King (translated from Tamil to English). And even more ironical when I remembered another jc schoolmate's name even though she was several classes down mine.. And this other cute guy MS who was also from SAJC! Anyway, just got back Hall from marketing lecture and lunch was 2 packets of mamee and 1 cup noodle. Poor big brother of mine had food poisoning. My sister-in-law too. Now sending him to medical centre.

Lord help me please..

Too many things on my mind to think. Drowning... I don't want to cry anymore... Lord, I know I haven't been the best of myself nor a good child of yours but Father I just pray you help me set things right and straighten my path to know what's the right things to do. Teach me to have faith in You and the people around. Lord I need your strength to sustain me through this tiring weeks as I struggle to juggle studies, work and my commitment to my friends. Give me Your peace. Father, don't elude me when I need you most at this time. I've already have got no one else here for me but You God. Thank you Lord. In Jesus name, amen.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Stupid phone

I don't know what's wrong with my phone but it just refuses to blog my 3 other earlier entries. The key should allow me to click on the Publish Post link but instead it disconnects my GPRS instead! What the fuck is wrong with my phone? The Boy sat beside me on the transport today. Strange but I'm not complaining. Grins. :D

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Damn it!

Stuck out of house. Forgot to bring keys. Should have gone back with J to hall. I'm high. And damn it I've still gotta sleep outside my house. I so wish I am drunk. I know The Boy doesn't want me. There's stilll many people out there who want me. At least this I know. I miss you so much Boy. You just don't know. Jialat I think J hitting on me. Whole night flirting with me at Happy. Cannot lah. I love only my Boy. Who doesn't love me. Wait in the queue after my Boy and Sunburnt Fuck it. I am so tired. Sleeping on the cold hard floor is so not enjoyable. ZZZ..

Saturday, August 13, 2005


That's a lie I'm living. Zanny told me something today when I started work.. The Boy's ex came down to visit. Fuck. I used to be cool about it.. Now? It's getting really sucky. I so didn't want to talk to him. Never mind that, I'm queen of pretense. I'm done with waiting when in his heart it has never been me he wants but the ex.


Feeling highl low. Oxymoron. Life without internet access is baaad! To put things bluntly, you guys be honest and tell me truthfully alright? What do you feel when a girl tries hard for the guy? More eeky than touched right? I'm not the guy at the receiving end of my devotion but I am already feeling terribly slutted, like what the fuck am I doing baring to him my all when he's nothing but my boss. I'm telling myself the same thing I told Sambuca Lover on the transport earlier. Nothing ever started therefore there couldn't possibly be an ending. It's a measure of equilibrium that is better left the way it was. Besides how well do I know him? Not very much.

Monday, August 08, 2005

question marks

am i that unlovable?
oh yes i am.

am i that mega a loser?
oh yes i am. at work, at studies and relationships.

am i that screwed up?
oh yes i am now. very much so with all the mess i've gotten myself into.

thank you very nice. that was some great positive affirmation there.

life sucks. god, pray you take me away asap to join you up there. can't take the shit anymore.

Morale Low

Scheduled to work from 12-8pm.
Woke up at 12.15pm.
Called Sambuca Lover to inform him.
What in the world was his reply.
Oh damn. Rushed and cabbed down to Sentosa.
Reached at 1.15pm.
Sectioned at beach. Hell. The day is fucking warm. Nevermind.
PS at beach bar, so it's only Kel, Famous Gross and myself on the floor at the beach.
But Kel was on the deck most of the time till much later, leaving just two of us on the floor, with occasional help from PS.
Many guests. Damn. Bar slow, cashiering slow. I... tired and distracted. What the hell?
2 run away bills and 1 lost bill. Cheesebuns these people who left without paying.
Fed up, tired and overwhelmed. Bitched to PS and cried.
I was sunbed mattress carrier of the day.
Can't believed how I lost my cool and broke down in front of The Boy.
How could I have revealed the vulnerable side of myself? How could I have exposed my weakness? I appreciate his concern but that's only cos it was work related. Work. The word "WORK", I abhor.
Nobody understands what I am going through.
Loneliness in school, pressure from daddy, financially burdened, stress at work, catch no ball in studies, trying to juggle so many things with very much limited time on hand.
I cry myself to sleep each night in Hall, hoping things will brighten up for me.
People who see me in class for the first time thought I was one hostile unfriendly person. So misunderstood. All they see is a shell who looks cool on the outside but completely frazzled on the inside.
Sigh. Tears are flowing out again as I talk to The Boy.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

I high too

Sacrifices that I make for a brother. Keeping Isk company at Why Not even though all I wanna do is to go home study and sleep Then drinking with him and paying for the drinks... Freaking $60 can even when I am down and poor. Getting high on flaming lambhorgini and not able to walk straight myself. Cheesebuns. And supporting his dead weight despite being tired and all. Not to mention the very high likelihood of taking over his shift till 12 midnight tomorrow even though I've got school on Monday. That's not all... How about sticking my damn finger in to help him puke and getting my scrunchie and bracelet wet from his puke? Oh and my slippers too! .Brotherhood is all that matters. Shit think I messaged The Boy in sheer stupidity. I so hate missing him. Sometimes I ask myself this "What's The point in waiting for a man to learn to love me? " I JUST can't answer it myself. I constantly tell myself to get over it and move on but eventually I arrive back at the same conclusion. I JUST CAN'T. It's so hard loving a person who doesn't love you back in return. To be loved is better than loving. I reek of alcohol man. FISH GIVE ME A COFFEE not a beer.Perhaps the only way is to quit working at Coastes. Heard from a hallmate working at Living Room that they need floor staff. Or perhaps taking up Jade's offer to work at O Bar instead. Hell, screw it. I LOVE THE BOY TOO MUCH.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Au Natural Sunbed in Dorm

4 hours of sleep. Yawns. Think JW's gonna be in a worse condition than me. Can't imagine this goody two shoes look alike is nothing but a replica of sheer sin! Smoke, drink, play, club, gamble (and lost $350 on a single soccer bet! Haha!) but still scoring Bs for his exams! Power sei! I, the Queen, hails him. His friends are A scorers as well and equally sinful. Maybe I should shift to hall 4 next sem and join them in sinful delight. Screw the uncorrupted people of Hall 5! Home soon in another 10 minutes. Hooray. Journey's about one and a quarter hour.

This is Shiok

Just completed the damn online tutorial and now having beer with JW and his friends in his friend's room in hall 4 while they play daidee. Shiok can. Smoke freely, drink freely, gamble freely. More of such sessions please. I'm a very happy girl. Thank you very much.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Thanks Ad

For getting me into Chinablack and to Raf for the trouble he went through. Just got back to hall from Chinablack, thanks to JW who drove.. Was out with JW and girlfriend, Leo and girlfriend and girlfriend's sister and girlfriend's sister's girlfriend. A pity Isk couldn't enter cos he was wearing berms and CT couldn't join us cos she was stuck out of home. I miss talking to The Boy very much. I miss chatting to Marycherry (kinda like my bitching other half). Met up with my babes Sunshine and Fudge for dinner at Raffles City food court before proceeding to Timbre (a new pub beside the Old National Library) for a round of beer and listening to EIC jam. EIC rocks! Timbre's quite a nice place to chill out other than the fact the beer's rather pricy and they don't serve Hoegaarden. The place feels very much like Coastes with the wooden setting and they serve pizzas too though the pizzas don't look as good as Coastes'. I miss The Boy so much. Damnation. I'll only see him on Friday when I work cos most likely he'll be busy tomorrow with all his own stuff as usual despite him having his off day, doubt he'll have time for me. Oh well. School still goes on for me. Sucks. I can't wait for my martini at Happy later. Another 18 hours more. Counting down.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Staying in Hall Sucks

My room mate sucks. Her cheena music sucks. Her face sucks. Her ugly underwear sucks, those fucking granny knickers an eyesore to the already ugly room. Her choice of footwear sucks. Ugh. She sucks because she stole the corner of the room I had wanted and made me cry while bathing. Henceforth she shall be known as The Thief. And now I am sleeping in my brother's room cos of that. I'm so miserable. Can't get to sleep. Need alcohol. Anyone with similar experiences with sucky roommates have any idea how to solve my current situation?