Saturday, December 31, 2005

have i told you yet?

did i mention that on that last trip to walas, i pilfered 3 half pint hoegaarden glasses from them with the help of joel's friend who works in zouk BUT unfortunately, as i was trying to retrieve the bag of apples beside them, my butter fingers knocked two of the glasses over and blasted, all shattered into smithereens on the floor! another notion of "what is not meant to be yours will not be yours". grr.

an unfortunate event happend last week when i was on my way to work, i crossed the bridge across the pie towards jurong west, what caught me unaware was an indian man at the end of the bridge, literally. he was standing across the canal, quite camouflaged by the tall hedge of bushes and i didn't notice anything amiss since he was too dark to be seen and i happily walked towards the road until i heard an "ahem" and i realised his presence and what's more is, his pants down! bloody flasher and wanker (i didn't see any ugly parts other than some up-down hand motion)! if i weren't in a hurry, i would damn bloody make sure i call the police and get him nabbed. who does he want to terrorize in the dark? cockroaches? rats? if i had a penknife or pocket blade, i would go nearer and amputate the balls off! grr.

second incident happened when i was taken advantage of. well, in a way, or make it that i was cheated of my fees! it was the inter-hall swimming relays finals for women's breaststroke. i was the second swimmer and bloody hell, there was this humsup supposed photographer from my hall (who has fetishes for scantily clad women and has asked girls to model for his private collection of yikey photos) who snapped a picture of my boobs when i was poised on the platform getting ready to plunge in, so apparently this asshat has got a great view of my cleavage. i don't mind it so much if it was taken for a healthy purpose but in this case, it is just so obscenely bastardy! my friends told me about it but by the time i had wanted to approach him, it was too late, he was no where to be found. told my elder brother about it and he got back to hall and fucked the shit outta that asshat. bloody asshat! i would bloody blow it out of proportions and make one big din to student admin office just to kick that perv out had i not been so busy!

good news on hand include:

1) my hall came in second for the hockey match finals! well done girls, major contribution thanks to weizhen my captain and me of neglible help. haha. but oh well, i get to partake in the glory! mv, does this count for a reward too?

2) my da sao, elder brother's girlfriend has industrial attachment this coming semester and won't be staying in hall so she has given up her fridge to me for just one semester till she gets back next august! whee! at least i'll have a fridge for 6 months!

3) my brother's gonna pass me his vacuum cleaner cos he's also subletting his room to another friend and he'll leave me his vacuum cleaner till he comes back in august as well!

shits, i am having menstrual cramps. bloody uterus.

happy 20th birthday frankie!

not like frankie will read this and he had better not too...

hall sweet hall!

laksa with jare and frankie at kopitiam near jare's place...

so bloated now from the laksa (and additional hum from frankie who doesn't like hum) and milo peng and the beer at outlet o..

i will get very fat at the rate i have laksas for breakfast/supper!

am fuucking exasperated with the "add subject" for my timetable..

sigh, i don't want batman to leave!!! but seems like it is more or less confirmed... in fact, jare, frankie and batman will be going over to a new place together... and the fact that daddy doesn't want me to work anymore, all the more there won't be a reason for me to stay on! most likely i will just help out occasionally at outlet o when they need me...

bah. life is not good. not good at all.

yes, and happy birthday once again to frankie. :)

Friday, December 30, 2005


i wasn't expecting to go walas with the old barflies, was expecting a quiet chill out night (most likely alone) with myself at happy or alleys. then the offer came from joel and i took it up.

was some sort of a mad rush from queensway after i managed to find myself a pair of running spikes (thankfully cos its off season for spikes).

in short, the unxpected sets on stage was not in-tune with what i had in mind but fairly comfortable, i had but 2 mouthfuls of macallan while the rest helped themselves to the 3 bottles of macallan since i don't like dark liquors, my preference (tolerance)strays towards the whites like gin, vodka, tequila, rum and that's about it.

uncle maotai said this to me, "whatever you do, just be happy. you have a life that is better than many others."

smile, i am trying to smile genuinely.

eternal gratitude to ah ber

ah ber, the kindergarten/primary school friend whom i mentioned is residing in the same hall as i am, has saved me once again!

thank god for friends.

overslept the allocated time slot for "ta bao" students by 10 minutes and i was denied access to change my timetable. timely rescue by ah ber who called the student admin office and got the officer to relent and open up another time slot for me.

so far, most of the subjects have been okay-ed except for the ones i tabao and have to retake, which i can only add them after 5 pm, after my hockey match.

bah. i am hungry. need food...

i am so so so grateful... thanks be to god!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

retail therapy

what the fuck does mental requirements met but hmm?
face it, too ungood looking for you?

my oh my, i think i've woken up from the wrong side of the bed, i am such a grump today. no, i think it is just the built up from my phone that has hung that has made me out of reach from every single person, and i have not gone shopping as intended, not forgetting to include the fact that my timetable for next year is in one big fucking mess cos i'm trying to motivate myself and find myself a buddy (hopefully emos as my lab partner again) who smokes and...


i need to shop.

how does wala wala sound to myself? hmm, very good.

good and bad tidings

i can't get any more depressed. the half beer (shared with jo-n and courtesy of jo-n) and one tequila shot (courtesy of regular customer) and the sight of ultra cutie regular, michael has done nothing to uplift my spirits.

in addition to my favourite doting batman, wacky jare and silly doofus frankie who's gonna leave outlet o, az is leaving outlet d to serve the nation in mid february!!! it was over our laksa breakfast story telling session with boon and az when i found out about it! argh! why oh why?!?!

sobs. sobs. sobs. all my favourites!!!

who will be left to play with me?

i'm so thankful i managed to take photos during the christmas staff party with all of them (except for jare who left early) and 4 group photos with outlet o! but still, i want to cry!!!

i know people come and go like what batman tells me, but i just don't want people whom i can gel with to move on without me! it is so damn awful!

it was like that when i left outlet c, now people are moving on from outlet o, and me?!?!

i've got half a week left to cherish with jare, half a month more with frankie, one month with johan, one odd month with batman and two and a half more months with az!


grr and that idiot az ar, to think i bought him a christmas gift and he lost it during the christmas staff party when he got all drunk! bah! how can one lose their christmas gift!


anyway, i saw naive guy and barffie the husband-wife duo at outlet o today! they came to partaay! it's been so long since i did! monday's drinking session with the ehg staff not counted since i spent more time playing 5-10, drinking and taking photos than to really get myself all smashed!


i'm still waiting to extort my christmas present from az...


i don't care, i am going shopping tomorrow! yes, serious shopping! there's queensway, ikea, sim lim square and town to hit tomorrow! i think i will just screw the track training i have in the afternoon! bah!

erh, happy tomorrow anyone? i haven't been there for my martinis for a lonnnnngggggggggggg time!

erh, shopping as well anyone??? cos marycherry the shopping mate has a date with jill and i'm not too sure if i can get anybody to go shopping with me.


yesterday (wednesday) was a fairly good day, starting off with early wake up to go for a pre-swim at the tiny but isolated pool at nie to practise my plunges and strokes.

then for the real inter-hall swimming meet relay at src track. i was pretty proud of myself cos i think i helped my team in securing a position in the finals, especially for the women's 4x50m freestyle relay whereby as a second leg, i overtook 4 positions to be in second position until my bloody third swimmer lost the lead i provided! bloody pissed! we barely made it to the finals but thank god we did! breast-stroke was relevantly alright and then the finals.

i called my elder brother and he came down to support (thanks fred!), wanted bittercoffee to come support too since he was also in school, at his girlfriend's place, but he doesn't know his way around.

but after continuously swimming for both the freestyle relay and the breast-stroke relay, i was pretty punctured by the finals. i made another last phone call, this time to mv. (good question why i chose to call him instead of ah zhen. i had wanted to dial for zhen's number yet somehow i called him instead). i told him i wanted a reward if my team got into top 5 and he promised so... except that we got 6th for freestyle and 7th for breaststroke.

i am so disappointed, it was a very close miss especially for freestyle (which i think i am better at!) argh! mv, still got reward for putting in effort? :)


but life's a little better with my hall mates now that there has been some extent of bonding and interaction and what's better is i finally found a girl kaki to grass with!!! whee! same block as i am except she stays on the 4th floor! but even then, it is still good news!

our hall 5 hockey girls has also qualified for the semis! now left road relay... only enough time to train up my speed and stamina in 3 weeks. possible?


i am so sleepy, so very sleepy.

i will write more about 2 gross events that happened later when i awake. nights folks.

and i love outlet o and my darlings!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

not working

i think of the imminent departure of jare, frankie and batman and that sends my mood spiralling down.


even the photos galore only serve to make me sadder.

meanwhile, i myself, am contemplating on working less and maybe not at all for outlet o cos the grades have been crappy and my dad (being very disappointed with his stupid daughter) ain't too keen on me working. it is not as if i need the extra $364 i earn each month badly. it does allow me more freedom with my expenditure but like what dad said to me, "you stop working and i give you whatever you need."

sometimes it is not just about the money, it is about preserving my last thread of sanity, getting away from school and having a life with people of my sort out there. you know how terrible it is to be staying alone with almost no close friends to speak to in school?

and dad who once think me running is a waste of time, tells me to get back in shape and run for school, representing the varsity as well, so that i can have sufficient points to stay on in school.

in mild depression.

ehg christmas staff party @ outlet d!

my god, i barely survive the onslaught of drinks.

helped marco to drink when he lost 5-10 to az.

drank when i lost 5-10 to frankie.

in short it was just drinking and drinking and more drinking!

so who got smashed that night?

from outlet o... only frankie! but towards the end, we cheated and ganged up against the already pretty drunk frankie and made him drink even more!

from outlet c, there were nic, yj, binny bin, baby and a couple of dudes who got drunk too!

i had so much fun!!! i took so many photos with mv (our first one! yay!!!), frankie, az, in short almost everyone i know! whee!

haha, i always believe in drinking within the limits especially since it is one ugly sight and awful experience to merlion non-stop and end up with a hangover. damn, i was so close to reaching there! anyway, there are ways to appear having drunk a lot yet actually not so! remember, the liver can only metabolise the alcohol at 10mg per hour! and that means 2/3 of a beer and 30ml/a shot of hard liquor!

oops, i left my skirt at batman's place and my christmas present outside outlet o! i'm drunk too!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

merry christmas to all my dear friends

friends will always be will friends, no matter how far apart. reach for the phone and dial.

and there i must practice what i preached.


i think the whole essence of relationships is being happy, true?

i haven't been happy for a long time.


i don't have a thing for frankie. a soft spot not equals love.

merry christmas to all my dear friends

friends will always be will friends, no matter how far apart. reach for the phone and dial.

and there i must practice what i preached.


i think the whole essence of relationships is being happy, true?

i haven't been happy for a long time.


i don't have a thing for frankie. a soft spot not equals love.

soft spot



perry ellis boxers



scaredy cat

hume park 2


not so happy

something is missing, something is lacking.

and i am not very happy. even now after all my drinks.

tonight was one of the boringest saturday night at outlet o. there wasn't a mega crowd as expected. even wednesday and friday's turnout was better! the only redeeming factor was the post work drinking and fun. it was like "po shui jie" with every one drenching each other with jugs of water. batman was the wettest but i had an awful drenching of red wine and water, thanks to marco and two evil boys!

friday night was so much more fun with madhats jare and frankie! they have gone up a notch in teasing me about mv, to the extent of calling me mrs yeo!!! growls! absence does not make the heart fonder... the sucky part of friday night was being the last to drop off cos there were only 4 of us on the transport, az, fads, alw and myself and i was the furthest away since there isn't any at jurong west! to think i was teasing frankie about being a scaredy cat cos of our haunted transport but i was worse! so worried that the uncle will ask me "who" is sitting at the back and where to drop off!

it's quite sad. i think jare and frankie not gonna be working at outlet o anymore after next week! that will leave two less fun drinking kaki around...

BRR! it's so cold right now with the rain... perfect weather to sleep in except that i can only sleep 2 hours before i wake up and try to rush to church...

i miss having someone to snuggle up to under the duvet...

Friday, December 23, 2005


caroling performance at great world city was a little crappy today.

it was dull at outlet o tonight as well.

but a few eventful things.

which i would write of later. now i am so sleepy i can barely keep my eyes open.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

not guilty as charged

oh my oh my, i've turned into a vcd/dvd junkie!

can't believe it but i actually manage to dug out meteor garden 2 from home and another taiwanese drama as well to watch in school. and i am actually addicted!

oh no!

i can't be turning into a belated F4 freak!

no no no, it can't be! must not tarnish my cool reputation!!!

it was slam at small bar at outlet o today, till i almost had no time for break. damn it, i hadn't wanted to smoke for the sake of preserving my voice for the christmas caroling but it was the only way i could rid myself of fatigue.

swam in the morning and afternoon before going for a christmas caroling session at garden hotel at balmoral road before rushing off to work at outlet o. so tired.

today is yet another day of running/swimming/caroling/waitressing!

i have no time no time no time for myself to take a breather!

and i still need to shop for christmas present for sunshine, marycherry, and a few other friends plus one compulsory gift exchange with havoc committee members! no time!!!

got a little irritated with frankie today when he went on and on about mv! bah! there was never a beginning!!! and i was not going after him! i mean, asking him out (which he did ask me out once as well though that never materialised), talking online nor agreeing to wait for him does not equate chasing him?!?!?! i mean, i didn't take initiative in many instances! bah! makes me sound like i am some desperado! poo!

damn this frankie! i so want to box him ar! he ar, flirt flirt flirt with girls today, even got girl give him her number, cos he was in charge of the ladies bar tonight. but he was funny when we were talking about our haunted transport! he was like a big baby, i mean you see him tall and big but he's one big scaredy cat!!! lol!

so there, another short update on my busy bumble life! damn, i also want to take new year's day off can...?

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

fuck hall

fucking pissed!

i mean, after, all that shit commitment to hall and still insufficient points to stay?

i seriously just want to heck the whole staying in hall idea and shift back home. i don't have to waste my precious time on so darn many activities that doesn't bring in anything for me. what for right?


and stomach hasn't been feeling too well, nauseaous and all plus fever the whole of today. life can't get any worse.

hall sucks!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

lau sai!

i am having diarrhoea! i have gone to the toilet twice! and i can about sense yet another session coming. i even feel like vomitting now.

must be the food i ate at barracat just now during astrealblush's 21st birthday dinner. i think i had too much sashimi, raw fish and raw oysters! yikes! even my poop smells fishy!


this is what you get from over-eating at a buffet! i wanna puke!

nights and out!

of tall cute boys

I just had the first decent meal in 3 days.

friday: mushroom soup with crackers for brunch
saturday: maggi whipped potato from 7-11 after work at outlet o, macs fries+ice milo+maggi whipped potato for late lunch/dinner and ice milo before work
sunday: laksa from jurong west kopitiam for breakfast

i met botak while waiting for my drinks with a colleague at one of the muslim coffeeshop at mohamad sultan and he's no longer bartending at happy! instead, he's at ministry of sound cos the pay they are offering is so much higher! tempting sia!

work started out pretty slow. it didn't help that none of my closer girl colleagues were working in my station, johan assigned to outlet t, ooi changed from floor area to small bar area and my darling equally crazy counterpart madhat alcoholic jo-n was on leave, so much part of my entertainment came from small bar area where frankie and ooi were.

the only thing i could say i am glad of is, with sash as butler, we talked a lot more and i guess i was mistaken about her. not that she's unfriendly, but the fact that we haven't had much opportunity to work together hence she seems very distant and uptight to me.

then just as i was getting despondent from the boring work, batman, so ever nice, sneaked me to small bar area and heh... got me a b**r! woohoo! thirsty we are! love love love her!

on two of the many occasions i strayed from my section to small bar, i picked up orders for waterfall and since frankie was the bartender at small bar, he so cutely complained of me giving him extra work to do! funny! and once, he was bending down and as he stood to rise up, he hit his head against the glass i was carrying! thud! haha! and this frankie will tease me on and on about mv and it is not really about what he teases me about that intrigues me but the process in which the whole exchange of teases and threats and favours happen, just like how ps and gjps were like initially. nice, frankie owes me one favour! wahaha! will make him buy me chocolates!

the best part of the night wasn't how me and frankie laughed at each other, but when the regular hottie/cutie mr m, came!!! woohoo! he ordered a jug of beer from me!!! gasp gasp gasp!!! blasted, i was so hoping he would use his card to pay so i could find out his surname but he ended up paying cash! grrr! but so cute... tee hee, i was very sure he was looking at me. hahaha!!! but he look like the chao buaya type so hands off!!! i can't stop smiling at the thought of him!!! must track him down on friendster!!! argh!

there was a mega big fight in outlet o today, bouncers came, guys resisted and even hit one of the bouncer, police came. disgusting. glass break, blood shed. stupid things people do when they get drunk.

went for laksa with the guys on the west transport after work ended. i am not too comfortable with vin touching me like he has known me for a long time, though i have helped him out for two of his events so far. and i found out ah boon is from malaysia and that silly az is only 20 years old! my gosh, even younger than i am! hell, i like guys who can make me laugh a lot, like mil. and az, despite all his silly comments and corniness, is quite nice to talk to. he makes me feel very comfortable. he gave me a ride back to hall and i tell you boys can be so sweet at times.

fucking hell, i am dozing off by the study table in front of my compute.. nights. and i love the handsome boys around me. :)

Saturday, December 17, 2005

life in a blurry haze

have been really busy these past few days...

numerous parties to attend but none i had time for...

1) sandra's party which i overslept cos i was too tired from work and running and swimming and couldn't rush down cos i had work

2) mos opening party which i have been sent invitations but work at outlet o obviously means no room for partying

3) barffie's and naiveguy's housewarming party which i don't think i've got time to attend.

4) christmas dinner by havoc on the 23rd, christmas dinner amongst smart science colleagues...

ARGH! i am supposed to be relaxing during the school hols!


so far, shin from outlet d has provided me with 2 jobs... and both are pretty well paying so i am not complaining! i mean i earn 40 bucks from just singing christmas carols for half and hour! and today's job involve serving coconuts and perhaps dancing, and that will be another 60-80 bucks for 3 hours!

no time to waste, i am off for yet another hectic day ahead! where got time for beach at all man? outlet o outlet sup say we can all go to outlet's c event today... but nobody to accompany me down... sian. so i guess its back home to sleep!

Friday, December 16, 2005

ache ache ache

too tired for words.

later in the day:

8am - hockey training
10am - qp caroling practice
9pm - o bar work

in between the hours from 12pm when qp caroling practice ends to start of work at o bar, i have arranged to go for another hockey training with my younger sis and for an extra swimming/running session!

nights folks.

my heart is aching too.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

fun fun fun!!!

today work at outlet o was soooooooooooooo fun!!! oh my gosh, i am falling in love with this outlet more and more.

highlights of the day:

1) regular hottie/cutie, mr m!!! tamade his body damn damn damn hot!!! face equally hot! drools....... did i mention how many times his body brush past mine??? WAHAHAHAHAHA!!! wait, i think i spotted spied him looking at me? of cos i was stealing glances at him but if he wasn't looking at me, there wouldn't have been any eye contact exchanged!!!

2) free drinks after work! yay baby yay!!! carlsberg draft, bacardi breezer peach, bacardi breezer lime, vodka pineapple, vodka redbull!!!

3) the colleagues are so nonsensical, blardy hell, jare and frankie keep teasing me about mv. damn it but how did they know about it??? nobody really know about it other than batman, my qing ai de...

4) west side transport rocks man! the people are so fun, az, vin, fads, sash, jare and frankie are all so lovable!!! heh, given a choice, i won't mind dating frankie and az since both are VERY tall and not bad humsum!!! WAHAHA!

anyways, today is good day! very very goood day!!! vin, outlet d floor staff, approach me to do events for him and he has got quite some good lobang, and meaning i will have more jobs for more havoc group in hall and plus he wants to set up a dance team... the first person i am thinking to recruit is DELL!!!

and jare ask if want to go beach tomorrow, i think i will be damn tired. imagine beach in the morning, then smart science then track training then hockey training then individual swimming session... ARGH! tired with a capital T!!!

ok i need to catch some valuable sleep first!!!!!! what can i say but i love O BAR!!! whee!!! work at mos? nah, outlet o is more than good enough!!! beats me teaching smart science any time!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


arms, legs, body aching, voice box cracking up...

running, havoc meeting, qp christmas carolling practice, and back to havoc meeting... argh!!!

more to come! i need to go swim and run!!!

no time to even go beach to tan!!!

okok, enough said. right now, i need to rush back home, hopefully possibly go for a quick swim then out to meet my darling marycherry!!!

damn my bloody vice. smoking has made my voice horrible!!! and that freaking tongue stud gets in my way when i run, swim and sing! blasted myself, darn! why did i go do it in the first place sia?


Monday, December 12, 2005

i wanna go kayak!!!

been feeling lazy to update on my not exactly hectic but still busy life.

busy sleeping, eating and more sleeping and then more sleeping.

today (monday, 12/12/05): just swam at my house pool. thinking of popping down to sunset and go kayaking. there's hockey training at 6.30pm in far away ntu, not too keen.

yesterday (sunday, 11/12/05): went home after supper and extended drinking (4 bottles of 640ml heineken) with batman and nette. those who were there having breakfast only included marco, jadeite, another ex ehg manager (whatever his name i can't recall) and ehg cashier-outlet o bartender couple. quite high, took 54 from chinatown, overslept and alighted a stop just before bishan terminal. crossed road, boarded 54 again, this time conscious effort to keep awake and get off the right stop outside marymount. two long bumpy rides + bloated stomach + over-drinking = puke! yikes, thankfully over the grass. but was a disgusting sight, puking as i walked. poor security guard at the guardhouse just beside the marymount entrance/exit must be mortified by such oddity early morning at 8 plus. naturally, the house of the lord was out of the day's agenda. woke up around 12ish 2. bummed for a while before deciding to meet sunshine. walked around town, shopped for my goggles (finally got it) and the twenty dollars gift for ehg christmas staff party on the 26th, and went for dinner at oa bakery (cheap spaghetti set meals for $5!!!) and went home.

the day before (saturday, 10/12/05): slept most of the day cos gjps cancelled beach outing with ah shan to visit vj, then i think i convenientlly overslept for sandra's birthday party (yipes, sorry!!!) before a frantic rush to work. brother bittercoffee came down cos it was his army buddy, guardian tl's birthday. thanks to guardian tl for a complimentary tequila shot and sips from the bro's beer. :D i think i had better not write too much about our particular habit during work (batman, nette, jo-n, aman and myself) lest i get every single person into trouble. post-work drinking with outlet o colleagues while waiting for transport and outlet d has been fun! 2 jugs vodka pineapple, 2 jugs vodka cranberry, 1 jug bourbon coke, 2-3 jugs beer to share. where got enough?!?!

3 days ago (friday, 09/12/05): tired from late night talking with mv. swam awhile. supposed to meet brother bittercoffee, but too tired, met sunshine instead and bumped into brother with girlfriend tourist trophy later on. went to work.

recap out.

Friday, December 09, 2005

raindrops keep running down my face

one, two, three.

i am gonna stop at three. i will make myself stop at 3.

damn my caring brother bittercoffee on msn..

Bittercoffee : " Hows Its Gonna Be....." says: (3:38:27 AM) can life be so sad if its not abt love?.

fuck and now 4 drops of fat tears have rolled down.

i am so damn fine everyone just don't know how much.

whatever will be will be

just got back home from a little drinking with didi, nic, gjps, tim-san, sambuca lover, famous grouse, and binny bin at cable car at cuppage.

didi's gonna be going into army later at 10 so it's some sort of farewell drinking session.

things have changed very much since i left outlet c...

i guess people change, people move on and that kinda stuff... and well, i can't really complain about my life since i am very happy at outlet o...

i just feel as though..

oh well. i need to move on. seriously start life on a new platter? my life can't revolve on the past.

Artist/Band: Adams Ryan
Lyrics for Song: Nuclear
Lyrics for Album: Demolition

This is where the summer ends
In a flash of pure destruction, no one wins
Go nuclear. Nuclear.
The violets in my eyelids goin' red
Sentimental geek
Shut up and go to sleep

The calm, the beach and the remains
Of the bathing suits and Porsches all in flames
Go nuclear. Nuclear.
When I saw her and the Yankees lost to the Braves
Sentimental geek
Shut up and go to sleep

Give me an answer

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Thus far, the food has been great, my maternal relatives solid, except that I haven't taken a fag since leaving sunset on sunday at 8 to meet my family. It's ok since there has been little temptation, other than my uncle who smokes and a paternal cousin whose lingering smoke I smelt. Now getting my hair permed and hopefully enough time to get it dyed too. More updates later.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ma ma mee

That is what my cousin's 1.5-year-old daughter, my very pretty and adorable niece, will cry out, each time she sees my elder brother. Yes, my brother is a little fierce looking and I guess it kinda scares her though she's perfectly alright with me. Any case, my uncle, her grandfather, has taken us in and we'll be staying here for the night and us siblings will leave on Wednesday night whilst mummy will take the coach back on thursday or even later. My brother thinks I am lesbian with a girlfriend and I don't see the need to correct him. My cousin asked about me dating etc... It's boring over here and I think I will go sleep. Nights.

My Gramps

Hey baby, hey dear, I'm in my granny's place in ipoh right now... Spent 45 minutes standing by her bed with my elder brother and younger sister listening to her talk about the past. She exaggerated on her injury and of how she's dying to get all of her sons and grandkids to go back and visit her. I don't blame her a bit especially since she's a little senile. The old house have changed in many ways since I last came back 6-7 years ago. Have quite a few pictures to upload later. All I can say for now is I feel as though I'm tracing my roots.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

My Sayang

A very pleasant surprise to see my sayang CT today at Outlet O. Apparently, the shortage of cashiers had required her to work tonight in addition to her hours at Outlet C in the morning.

But it was good... talking to her and working together, something I really miss.

Hmm, today was a little crappy at work, my partner Ooi and I were allocated to work in the section platform/wall area for bottle sales and there were many many rude and goddamned irritating customers. FUCK you all.

The best way to end the night was having beer, vodka pineapple and vodka orange to drink.

Took the north transport home again, and all of those on the same transport were staff from Outlet D, well, since I was the last to get up after haggling with the driver auntie and another driver uncle as to who to send me back, I boarded the same van I took the morning ago, only to find that the last available space was beside Alien.

He's ok I guess, from the way he spoke to me first and all, doesn't entirely sound a big jackass picture that MV painted of him. He asked me about life back in Coastes, about Sambuca Lover, about "ah soh", in which I wasn't inclined to talk too much regarding the latter, lest I reveal anything. I got a peek at his mobile's wallpaper which was... Wend's picture. Oops.

So he mentions going to Bikini Bar next Sunday... which oh well, is none of my business.

Alright, time to close shop. Nights folks.

My Sayang

A very pleasant surprise to see my sayang CT today at Outlet O. Apparently, the shortage of cashiers had required her to work tonight in addition to her hours at Outlet C in the morning.

But it was good... talking to her and working together, something I really miss.

Hmm, today was a little crappy at work, my partner Ooi and I were allocated to work in the section platform/wall area for bottle sales and there were many many rude and goddamned irritating customers. FUCK you all.

The best way to end the night was having beer, vodka pineapple and vodka orange to drink.

Took the north transport home again, and all of those on the same transport were staff from Outlet D, well, since I was the last to get up after haggling with the driver auntie and another driver uncle as to who to send me back, I boarded the same van I took the morning ago, only to find that the last available space was beside Alien.

He's ok I guess, from the way he spoke to me first and all, doesn't entirely sound a big jackass picture that MV painted of him. He asked me about life back in Coastes, about Sambuca Lover, about "ah soh", in which I wasn't inclined to talk too much regarding the latter, lest I reveal anything. I got a peek at his mobile's wallpaper which was... Wend's picture. Oops.

So he mentions going to Bikini Bar next Sunday... which oh well, is none of my business.

Alright, time to close shop. Nights folks.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Just got back home from work at Outlet O and today cos I was returning home to Braddell instead of hall at Boon Lay, I naturally had to take another transport, and out of those on board, I only know Di-N the cashier, and even then, I am not very familar with her.

Angel's birthday today so 2 jugs of free vodka cranberry after work in addition to her 7 shots of different liqour. I drank 3/4 jug of vodka cranberry in less than half a mnute and a tequila shot plus half a beer during... and i can say that I, I am a little sei.

Am very tired from working non-stop, teaching and then waitressing.

Sleep time.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

i love coastes!!! happy night! ;)

i am feeling very happy from drinking since i've got to chinablack... with sheryo, gjps and sunshine... a pity maggy mag had to go back home...

chinablack was like a ghost town man...

and then proceeded to phuture... boy am i so glad that sheryo could get the bouncer to let us in cos the queue was so blardy long... and freaking packed!!!

then went to dbl o to meet the coastes peeps... sigh... no matter how happy i am at o bar, i think my heart ultimately still lies with the peeps at coastes... so happy to see burnt paper my papa, jfk my daddy, ct my sayang, kel my ex floor cap, antz the hardworking one and mv!

very happy from all that drinks i had... and talking to my friends at dbl o, o bar and the funny bouncers!!!!

this is a very good night.. 1st december i will remember this night!!!

if there is someone i have to thank, that's sambuca lover! thank you very much, really heartfelt thanks for making my night SOLID!!!

I LOVE COASTES, always have and always will!!!

p/s: i am not saying this cos i am high, in fact the bath that my sister made me take cos i am bloody stinko has sobered me up alot! i really really really really love coastes peeps! ahhhh! i love coastes!