Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Force To Blog Is Strong...

Damn it man.

What's wrong with Singapore? Too damn bloody small lah!

I know Mr Vodka's ex.

A secondary school mate.

Blood pressure rocketed. Just imagine a fluid going from laminar flow to turbulent flow. Shocked is not enough a word to describe my current state.

Another good day?

Yeah sure is. Time for some good karma after the multitude of bad shit.

Was about to top up my -$0.99 ez-link card when this guy just came up from behind, all breathless and talking at the speed of the Japanese bullet train.

Hello sir, I am hard of hearing one. Must speak slowly so I can catch.

In any case, he's a photojournalist from the Singapore Press Holdings Straits Times. Wanted me to help pose for him. Take photos of me looking at the mrt rides fare board. He took so many shots. And me no model, don't know how to pose. So just stood there staring like a dumbo waiting for him to get it over and done with.

Made me late for my beaching somemore. Basket. But he gave me his card, and told me he wanted to feature me in the Hot Bods column on the Straits Times. Yay? Nah. Body good face no good lah. No deal sir. No deal. Now wait and see if he calls.

Heh, Ashes wants my blog address. No biggie other than the fact that I mentioned her name. Damn. Just now while getting ice water from her, she went, "I like your breasts, very nice." She's been telling me the past one week about wanting to touch my boobs but when it comes down to doing it, always no guts to touch. Hur hur hur.

Happy Sunday Night at Happy

Rambling again. But a tired brain can't exactly hold an intelligent conversation. See what did I say about being tired? I meant compose an intellectual piece of entry.

- My weekly routinal ritual at Happy coincides with Wei's plans to bring his Korean friend Apple Boy for a drink at Happy. Agreed to meet up when Wei dropped by Coastes to visit the Gothic Jap Porn Star on Saturday.

Disrupted. Mr Vodka just flung a coaster at me. He's been doing that the entire day according to GJPS. And very good throwing skills. Perhaps he would like to consider taking part in the "Throw-the-coaster" competition organised by yours truly solely for him.

- Slow and a little dull day at Coastes, customers are trickling in, not the usual high volume of patrons, especially for the section I am assigned to. Time passed exceptionally slow, even with Is' entertainment. He's damn funny can. Anyway, was on the brink of exasperation when a call from King literally elevated me to the seventh heaven. He knows I will be at Happy almost every Sunday and called to meet up there after his deejay set at Gotham ends. :)

Disrupted again. This time watching CC doing his flairing. Not bad. Hmm, I would like to see a girl in flairing action some time.

- Met Wei, Elt, and Apple Boy. Drinks were all paid for by them. Hehe. I am a cheapo remember. Tried Elt's cigar. Played 5 10 and drank a lot of Hoegaarden! :) The beer's damn good for my tongue. Had a mojito too. Lovely cos minimal costs but maximum fun. I spent only $2 for the entire night and that was just for the cab fare!

- King came, we talked, even shared 2 cigarettes together. GJPS called it indirect kissing. Hur hur. A goodbye kiss on his cheek and a goodnight call to him to end my night.

- Had fun playing 'water' with Ergo the Happy bartender and this other bartender who's Martell look-alike. Fools kept whacking my Adidas cap.

- Martell was less hostile, said Hi for a change.

- Saw Ad and Junk (omg).

- And of course, fun with my baby GJPS, dancing away.

Only down point was having to juggle messaging Mr Vodka, entertaining Wei, Elt and Apple Boy, chit-chatting with King, guzzling my beer, dancing, the many toilet trips from drinking too much, befriending a new girl Jassy, and doing my darnest to not neglect GJPS. Sorry if I did sweetie. I really suck at multi-tasking

Yes, I'm a Happy girl.

By the sea

Now sitting outside sakae sushi watching the waves lap gently on the beach and plugged onto the ipod listening to Collide by Howie Day. Therapeutic. The constellation of stars shining brightly is in stark contrast to the song's lyrics "Even the best fall down sometimes even the stars refuse to shine out of the back you fall in time I somehow find You and I collide". I am feeling emo again. God of wonders, you make me wonder.

Monday, May 30, 2005


Mandrake says I always sound high (hur hur drinks or no drinks alike). Am I really that chirpy girl that others see me to be? Or is it that many people (other than Marycherry) have not really seen the other side of me?

5 years back, it was foolish self-multilation. Awful scars it left me with, especially on the thighs. (Sobs, I have got no nice legs).

These days, I opt to mental block such upsets by sweating it out running, auto pilot fagging or bottomming down.

Schizo I am. Still recalled how I was so distressed by the mere thought of collecting my O level results that I went to Bits and Pieces at Wisma and got my ears pierced before returning to school. Silly me firmly believed in how pain can temporally relieve the stress levels.

Not that I've grown any much wiser of late, still doing irrational things on the spur of moment, like the tongue piercing, the 'm' tattoo on my right hip, and adding people on friendster when I am high. FF enjoyed that classic piece of my drunken blogging. Speaking of her, I no quite like the blog sitter's style of writing. Missed FF's sarcastic online mannerisms.

I hardly break down and cry because its a waste of my tears.

So when I really do so, something or someone must have really hurt or stung me badly.

Otherwise, what you would see is usually a nice bright smile that I imposed upon myself to show the whole world. No one is supposed to know I am actually the brooding sort. ;)

Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Three Little Pigs Big Supervisors

Never ever write anything negative about your company in full confession style and obviously not stating the firm's big name.

I've grown complacent on the anonymity of my blog using pseudo names for the people I blog of but I have stupidly committed the above two errors just by mentioning my workplace.

So its not that difficult to have your superiors, who are so ever free on their work days, to go Google the company, and have them chance upon this blog. Ugh, in the top twenty matches no less! What the fuck?

To a certain extent, I am immensely thankful that I've been procrastinating on updating the blog this week and not have disclosed more details than I should, which I think only Mandrake knows what I am blabbering about. Hur hur he who knows I lust.

Any words, even spoken in a pique of temper, could be wielded as a tool against YOU the small fart fry in the company! In the worst scenario, deny vehemently. Deny like hell, which brings me to the point, SO WHY DIDN'T I?!

Once again, I've proven my ultimate wits to the world, which is equivalent to the single celled amoeba, capable of only reproducing itself.

What's fantastic is when your outlet supervisor actually leaves you a tag telling you to write on!

Should that be woe is me or glee is thee?

I am now attempting a very lousy try at sun-tanning on the beach before I start work at 12. The Gothic Jap Porn Star is late. And my ass is aching from the hard sand cos I am still awaiting my beach towel that is long due together with my GJPS.

Before I go off, just like to say that I love all my supervisors very much that I'll be a willing slave to them. Hur hur. Does this earn me any extra brownie points? Damn, no martini at Happy next Thursday. I am on shift for stupid function! Whines. I need my cheap martini since I forgo it for a Hoegaarden at Hideout with the Cowboy Barflies last Thursday.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

To my outlet supervisor whom I BELIEVE is reading this:

How you find out? CC told you?
You are not supposed to read this!
Now I need to practise censorship!
**Digs hole to bury the shame **
P/s: All references to the outlet supervisor have been withdrawn with immediate effect! Personal thoughts and feelings nullified and void. Sheesh.

To my dearest Floor Supervisor Colin Chia

Damn it!

You good! You good!

Hate you for finding this!!!



Cowboy in Hiding

I am super late as usual, this time in writing on our barflies meet-up at Hideout. No point regurgitating what others have already mentioned.

It has been featured in Tomorrow as well, where you can read the respective entries of the bloggers who met up!

So to the Big daddy in blogdom, toast to the pictures you've taken.

And to everybody I've met for the first time:

mrbrown, mr miyagi, mail order bride, silly celly (sibei chio till i drool!), sandralicious, maotai, ruok, littlemissdrinkalot (my idol!), and makan guru.

Damn fun to have met you folks!

Was either my second or third time meeting the rest of the bloggers... Finicky Feline, Mandrake, One Little Twit, Tripleperiod, Joel, Barffie, Barffie's Signficant Other Jeffwee, Jordan and picking up bits and pieces of juicy gossips once a while.

Yes, I have even struck a deal with Tripleperiod. I.O.U. 6 weeks. Damn. Hope I'll have better control my tongue then.

Thanks to naiveguy for giving us a ride to Wisma to shop and the ride back home!

Updates of my hectic week later via the phone.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Update in its most boring form (Better not read)

As it is now, I am very busy either working at Coastes, sleeping in, or going for a drink or two with my friends.

I like Coastes for the fact that there's the:
1) Sun
2) Sand
3) Sea
4) Sky
5) Skimmers
6) Supervisor
etc etc.

I am considering to work part-time for them instead. Cos I really no like the sian-ness of the job. Compared to where I was waitressing previously (Grapevine at Upper Serangoon Road), this job is really damn slack. I have learnt quite a fair bit though. But ahhh...

Still... We shall see about it and give myself more time on the job.

Is it possible that I like many people at one time?
1) Martell - Supervisor at Happy (the feelings have died-ed I think)
2) King - Dissatisfied Deejay at Gotham who wants to quit for Onyx (the sweetest who calls me after finding out I got my mobile stolen!)
3) Adren - the supposedly shy, but confirmed cool (and abit arrogant I heard) outlet supervisor at Coastes (ex-bartender at Dbl O)
4) Leslaman - Manager at Happy with a baby face according to my GJPS but still so charming! He said to me, "See you tomorrow!"
5) Ashes - The butch bartender at Coastes is quite cute quite funny

I am bi. Hur hur. All the more better. Boys and girls come to me!

In point form of my Thursday:
1) Ended work at 12. Went to meet my colleagues and GJPS at Chinablack.
2) Ended up at Gotham instead cos colleague never bring indentification. Happy cos I saw Sammyboy, who left Gotham to work in Las Vegas, stupid bugger Adumb stole my Coastes lighter.
3) Slept at 6am after getting home from Gotham and helping my mum to iron clothes.
4) Woke up at 9.30am.
5) Went online. Chatted with Mandrake.
6) Woke GJPS up at 11.30.
7) Bummed till 2.
8) Went Sentosa. Reached at 3.
9) Heavy downpour at 4. Fuck no sun.
10) Caught in rain, waited for colleague to knock off at 6.
11) Colleague ended work at 6.20pm, made our way to Harbourfront.
12) King called and we chit chat. Colleague said King kept looking towards me last night at Gotham. Hee :)
13) Dinner with colleague at foodcourt.
14) Finalised drinking plans with Joel. Arranged to meet at 9.30pm.
15) A lot of time left. Walked around Chinatown. And went into Auntish OG to see see look look try try, meanwhile praying that my Ipod's battery will last me as long as possible and whining to Mandrake.
16) Walked to Happy and met Joel and Jordan.
17) Had a vodka lime and a chocolate martini for myself, Joel had a vodka cranberry and a hazelnut martini, Jordan 2 beers.
18) Ergo was working. He hugged and kissed me. (Wah piang, if Joel and Jordan not there, I may be tempted to kiss him back). I miss a good hug. Leslaman says hi again and sees Ad, Chinablack manager.
19) Had a sniff of Clinique Happy for Men when Martell walked past. Nice. And he stole glances at me. I know cos I was stealing glances at him. Hur hur.
20) Said my byes to Ergo, then Leslaman said to me before I left, "Leaving already? See you tomorrow." Whee. So happy.

On a last note, its to be a weekly martini affair at Happy every thursday between me and Joel. You peeps are welcome to join us man. At $8 a martini and free flow chips, it's a steal really. Check out Happy for yourself now.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Thank you for the comments and the very kind offers to take up various positions.

I don't have time really to browse through my website to reply them cos I am super busy working.

So, do me a favour, add me on msn or email me.

If we hit on well like Mandrake and I (I tell you girls, he's really a super nice gentleman! Had i been older, I will pounce on him right away!), then I'm sure a fag buddy, alcohol guzzling buddy will be in place pretty soon.

Calm One, temporary positions also can do. Yeah. Best if can upgrade to permanent one.

After what I saw on XXX's friendster, I am so filled with curiosity.

Time for some plastic surgery for myself too. Hiaks.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Lonely Hearts

I ought to be excited. It's bright and sunny.

I should be happy. I am starting work at Coastes Sentosa.

Like I say, my life is all empty null and void.

What I need now most is a:

1) Permanent drinking buddy
2) Permanent fag buddy
3) Permanent make-out buddy
4) Solid friend

Options one, two and three can be the same person.

If you think you make the cut for any positions, email me at miryclay@singnet.com.sg or msn me at bum_freak@hotmail.com.

For position three, throw in a full-length photo of yourself and not a porn star. And preferrably top half naked.

Option 4 will requires ardous labour and a detailed resume.

It's gonna be a lonesome night drinking again.

Updated: Postions 1, 2 and 4 can be of any gender. Position 2, lesbian females or straight males please. Hur hur.

Updated: Position 1 to commence immediately, say tonight? Wah, this reeks of desperation. But what the heck? I need a drinking buddy. NOW. Please, no horny ji ko peks!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Check this out

Before I sleep...

This is what have been dominating majority of my time on the computer while munching... Yummylicious huh? Hehe.

This event is taking place at Happy on the 28th May 2005, Saturday.

FF, you wanna go check out Happy? I am definitely lugging my ass down after work. Tired or not. I like Happy for not being so anal with its dresscode. You can go in slips and berms and be allowed in still.

Monday is indeed better

Monday's good cos the Coastes interview went well.

Boss said he will call to confirm by Tuesday. He called within 2 hours after interview around 7. And... Yay! I will be starting work at Sentosa Coastes tomorrow, Wednesday!

This I must thank Dell for it! I will be covering mostly the afternoon-night shifts around 4-10pm or up till even 12 midnight depending on the schedule.

Why I think I will enjoy slaving at Coastes:
1) There's a cute guy at Coastes. He looks like the supervisor there. Whee.
2) The staff there looks fun. Yay.
3) Sun, sand, sea, alcohol? A very good combination.
4) Pay wise is reasonable - tips, incentives. Ching Ching.
5) I have my mornings free, which is good for me to go run, exercise, swim, beach and tan! Quite shiok eh?
6) I can continue giving tuition and teaching Smart Science at Parkway, so maintaining my other major source of income.
7) Sentosa near to Tanjong Pagar, also near to Clarke Quay = Convenience in getting to Happy and Gotham Penthouse.
8) Hot beach boys galore and cute angmoh tourists. Not bad not bad.

The downs to working at Coastes:
1) Boss orders that I DO NOT visit any of his clubs, i.e. Dbl O, O Bar, and those under the Emerald Hill Group. No big deal because I don't usually go to these clubs either and I always have my Gotham Penthouse at Clarke Quay, Happy at Tanjong Pagar and Chinablack at Pacific Plaza Scotts Road to contend with.
2) No more bumming and slacking around.
3) No more tv programmes for me the gogglebox addict. Dammit.

In other words, I don't have to sell sausages at Plaza Singapure and have friends laugh at me!!!

Had wanted to post a picture of myself in bikini. But I
1) Have no guts.
2) Am fat short and ugly
3) Don't want silly farts wanking to my ugly body, bad as it already is.

This I miss a lot, I think.

On one of FF's hilarious-as-always entries, I think there are one or two cuties on the blogosphere. Well one whom I know of personally, has just flown off to USA to visit his family. He's none other than Zen|th! The other... is uhm... well, let me see who I have... one so far lah! That's not too bad a start!

It's retire early to bed for now. Am going to Sentosa early tomorrow with my dear Marycherry!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Why Sunday sucks?

Sunday sucks because:

1) It rained as though the Rain God is desperate to get the rain out of his ass.
2) My beaching trip to Sentosa cancelled as a result.
3) I was down with a bad bout of flu. The nose hurts from that mucus blowing job.
4) I couldn't go work and earn some dough.
5) I felt lost - This is a long story. So skip.
6) I am broke from buying cigs. (Eh, anyone got smuggled goods to sell?)
7) Martell kept walking around me at Happy and twice, he stood just beside me and fucking brushed past me. DAMN him to hell.
8) I had no seats to sit down. (Lousy Ad didn't know how to volunteer his seat)
9) Cabfare home was costly.
10) Bittercoffee says I am fucked.
11) King didn't come Happy cos he was ill. (I wasn't there solely for him. But was saddening cos I haven't seen him in a week.)
12) I puked, from the combination of empty stomach, flu meds and alcohol.
13) Why did Yvonne have to come? She's got such good figure. Sheesh. But expected.

Sunday rules because:
1) I went Happy.
2) Haz the baggage boy very cute when he flashed a smile.
3) Ergo the bartender, is even cuter, damn sweet of him. Free drinks from him (which I didn't even finish, oops.) He knew what was wrong. He messaged after he ended work and asked if I was fine. I could have potentially liked you further had it not been for the fact you did my friend even though you were hitting on me. Weird but it's ok. I am still happy cos he cares.
4) Sunshine and Marycherry are pals whom I can lean on.
5) Breathed in Martell's scent, i.e. Clinique Happy for Men.

There's more sucking than ruling here. So Sunday sucks.

But I hope today, Monday, will be better:
1) The sun is really good.
2) Am leaving for Sentosa in 5 minutes.
3) Hope the sun maintains this way.
4) Hope my interview with Coastes works out.
5) Hopefully my stint at Sausage shop will be alright.
6) I can land myself a permanent booty call. Mill, Ergo, How, and now... Mandrake? Mill's good cos he's taller than 1.75m, cute, dashing and humourous. Though I don't pretty much adore body hair. Ergo's good cos he's about 1.75m or slightly shorter, thoughtful, not bad looking, the mischievous sort and fun to be around with. Though he's got a small weenie according to a friend. How's good cos he has the height, 1.75m, the body and the car. Though he scores lower in the looks and flair department. Mandrake... I don't know. I haven't seen his promised photo yet.

We'll see.

So for Cowboy, wonder if I am good enough to be your stand-in for the bloggers' convention. Take a cold shower if necessary dude. Mandrake's already 50% agreeable. Wait for the bikini shot though.

Kill me. My runner's thighs are thunderous.

Sunday, May 08, 2005


When in doubt, ask.

When down with flu, run.

When faced with nua-ness, get up and out.

lick leak

I want to get out of the house.

My nose is leaking.

I can't start work at Sausage Bratwurst shop cos I am having bad case of flu, sniffing and sneezing.

I've tried my darnest to contact the shop owner via shop and mobile. No pick up.

To go or not? The boss will probably send me packing because I will not look appetising, I mean it's unsightly to have a server with her nose dripping, eyes red and ah choo-ing into the hotdog buns.

I am gonna try calling the shop a last time. No pick up = No go. Not my fault then.

Guys? Who understand them?

Guys may say the same of us girls.

But my point here is my good brother, Bittercoffee, who has a bizarre criteria for his potential girlfriends:

1) Waist below 26
2) Pretty

Hello? My waist is 25 (though rapidly expanding). I am not pretty by your standard but by most men I see, good enough for them. My bust size is 34B, a good size according to Mandrake (though his ideal is a 36C!) I love outdoors, running, swimming, beaching and gym! And many manly interests that usually is scorned by the females. Oh wait, this is not about myself. That was off track.

So back on the topic, there is more to just the physical attractiveness of a girl right? How about assets like her brains, interests, character etc? What's with the love for airheads? Seriously? I can't fathom this part. Give me a FF anytime, this feline sprinkled with loads of spunk, a dash of intellect, the rebel streaks in her and of cos the famous cleavage I've read about. Hehe. I may not have seen her in person, but I am positively sure she's gonna be one person I'll like (if i were to go by her blogging persona and I will be inclined to think her real life personality ain't that far off from that). I mean, how can anyone not like a real woman who cusses and bashes men so well, smokes and drinks?!

I need the company of more women like myself, like the Biatch, who drinks like a sailor (whom I've met and by the way, is really loads of fun and confidence packed) and of course LMD, this little missy who drinks and smokes hell a lot too!

So now on my blogging wish list (in no order):
1) To meet LMD and have a drinking session with her
2) To meet FF and also have a drinking session with her
3) To unravel the mystery (well face actually) behind Cowboy

It's fun to play msn games with Sunshine. Lol. I keep winning.

I'm lazy. Time to wash up and stop being nua.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

4 days and finally

My boy just called to check on me!
Haha, I wish!
This guy disappeared for 4 days... And turned out he went to KL!
Blasted, had I known that, I would have gone back with my parents to KL where we've got a house there over the very long weekend.
He went with his family to holiday though according to him, he slept more than he did any shopping or sightseeing or touring.
Should have asked me along mah!
Anyway, I haven't actually thought of him since I last saw him on Sunday at Happy, with more than enough things and people to cloud my head and dominate the limited brainwidth.
In any case, it was still very sweet of King to call me in his free moments on the set.
Going for a beer with Sunshine at Sanctuary Bar at Aquadisiac with a friend of hers, Clari, a bartop dancer! *whistles* I miss this girl of mine so much man. So cheers.

Escapist on the run

I am dripping droplets of perspiration as I type this out.

Just got home from my run. Yes, no kidding, a run at 12.50am!!! Why such hours? Cos I don't want the frustration to be all pent up in me.

Close friends around me will know I am a hardcore fanatic runner. I can run on and on till my legs are no longer willing to obey me, all wobbly and just about to give way. I don't just love running, in fact, it is almost like my life, my everything. It's when I attain my desired solitude, my joy and the peace to think (even with music blasting into my ear drums). Plus since I can't swim at such hours, the only option left is to run. And I do get more kick from running, pumping my body really hard and just sweating profusely.

The legs are a little achy because it's my second run in a day, and not to mention the amount of intensive swimming I did.

But even tonight is a first for me, running an hour after having drunk 5 glasses of alcohol and puffing about 6 sticks of cigarettes. Not good I tell you. One, the breath reeks of alcohol. Two, a stitch in the sides from the alcohol jiggling in my stomach. Three, I can't smell the fresh air around, only my cigarette smell. And a very sticky face from failing to remove my makeup prior to the run. Otherwise, it was a really good kickass, endorphin-filleed run. But I prolly overpushed myself, to the extent that I dislodged my tampon. Fucking uncomfortable.

In any case, the anger in me has dissipated, not completely, but at least it has been mostly sweated out of my system. Not happy. But definitely not angry anymore.

I run when I am happy. I run when I am sad. I run when I am angry. I just run. Must be the escapist in me.

Shall not rant here. This is a positive blog. Shall keep the negativity shit for the other one. Peace out. To bathe.

More on humsup Mandrake when I awake!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ad's the BEST!

I haven't blogged in ages. Now am at Chinablack. Ad's the best for being the manager here and sayonara to queueing at Chinablack forever. Great to go in as though I'm a member. Shiok. Love Ad. Whee.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


A night of fun, alcohol, meeting new people and surprises! More when I wake up. Now its head to bed for I am to be at sentosa at 9.30am! Terrible.